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Additional Options
Unlock Duck King as a playable character to enable team battle mode and data mode options.
Alternate Billy's Ending
Beat the game with Billy in his alternate costume.
Alternate Geese's Costume
Highlight Geese at the character selection screen, then hold Start and press Circle or X for a black suit. Highlight Geese at the character selection screen, then hold Start and press Square or Triangle for a dark brown.
Alternate Geese's Ending
Beat the game with Geese in his alternate costume.
Play As Duck King
Beat the game with every character.
Play As Mr. Karate
Beat the game without using any continues or losing any rounds.

Gameshark Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Hacks
Unlock All Characters800AC12A FFFF
Unlock All Movies800AC130 FFFF
800AC132 00FF
Unlock All Commands, Team Battle & Data Menu800AC134 FFFF
Only One Fight to Beat Game300AC03B 0008
CPU Easy to Beat800AC068 0000
Round Modifier800AC042 00??
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health800ACE9A 0170
Infinite Health (Special Status)800ACE9A 0070
No Health800ACE9A 0000
Infinite Max Power800ACECC 0030
No Max Power800ACECC 0000
Hit Anywhere8002EEC2 2400
Only One Match to Win800ACE98 0002
Never Win a Match800ACE98 0000
Character Modifier800AC090 00??
Control Modifier800AC094 00??
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health800AE6BA 0170
Infinite Health (Special Status)800AE6BA 0070
No Health800AE6BA 0000
Infinite Max Power800AE6EC 0030
No Max Power800AE6EC 0000
Hit Anywhere8002F05E 2400
Only One Match To Win800AE6B8 0002
Never Win a Match800AE6B8 0000
Character Modifier800AC092 00??
Control Modifier800AC096 00??
Quantity Digits to Accompany Round Modifier Code
00 - Round 1
01 - Round 2
02 - Round 3
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
01 - Terry Bogard
02 - Andy Bogard
03 - Joe Higashi
04 - Mai Shiranui
05 - Geese Howard
06 - Kim Kaphwan
07 - Billy Kane
08 - Ryuji Yamazaki
09 - Raiden
0A - Toji Sakata
0B - Li Xiangfei
0C - Tsugumi Sendo
0D - Mr. Karate
0E - Duck King
0F - Geese Howard (Business Suit)
Quantity Digits to Accompany Control Modifier Codes
00 - Human
01 - CPU

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