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Display Collision Boxes
Pause the game and press Circle(4), Square, Circle(2), Square, then continue the game.
Full Weapon
Pause the game and press Triangle(2), Square(2), Circle(2), Square(2), then continue the game. If you entered the code correctly, an on-screen message will appear.
Level Passwords
2Death CryptTriangle, Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle
3The TrappingsCircle, Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle
4The SewerSquare, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle
5Eco SectorCircle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X
6Fabian Water HoldX, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle
7Fabian CentralSquare, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle
8The PrisonCircle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
9Elysian LabyrinthTriangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
10SubterraneanTriangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X
11The VaultX, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Square
12Delavar's LairCircle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle
13Project EdenSquare, Triangle, Circle, X, X, X
Level Skip
Pause the game and press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle(3).
Refill Health
Pause the game and press Triangle(3), Square(5), then continue the game.

Gameshark Excalibur 2555 A.D. Hacks
Infinite Energy (Level 1)801222E8 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 2)80132688 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 3)80125B98 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 4)80125250 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 5)80111578 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 6)80125450 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 7)80123A08 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 8)801160B8 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 9)80110ABC 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 10)8012D944 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 11)801323EC 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 12)80120F5C 1000
Infinite Energy (Level 13)800E1F80 1000

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