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Alternate Costumes
Successfully complete the game with any character to unlock their alternate costumes in versus mode or single player battle mode.
Character Biographies And Gallery Mode In Extra Options
Successfully complete story mode.
Congratulations Mode In Extra Options
Successfully obtain all voices in Voice Collection in extra options. Then, use the "Congratulations" selection in the extra options to view a special FMV sequence.
Extra Winning Poses
New winning poses are unlocked for each character defeated in story mode.
Narrator Mode In Extra Options
Successfully complete one player mode.
Play As Ihadurca And Bonus Stage
Successfully complete story mode with three different characters to unlock Ihadurca and a bonus stage in versus mode.
Voice Collection In Extra Options
Successfully complete "1P Battle" mode with the indicated character and corresponding amount of wins to unlock the character's voices in the "Voice Collection" in the extra options.


Gameshark Evil Zone Hacks
Unlock Everything800A83DE FFFF
800A83E0 FFFF
800A83E2 FFFF
800A83E4 FFFF
Infinite Health P180046890 0002
80046892 1080
P1 Cannot Fight300A8376 0000
300A8378 0000
Infinite Health P280046890 0002
80046892 1480
P2 Cannot Fight300A8377 0000
300A8379 0000
Infinite Health P1 & P28004689A 2400

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