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Alternate Costumes
At the arcade mode character selection screen, hold Up while selecting a fighter.
Evil Panel Mini-game
Successfully defeat the CPU ten consecutive times in the "Battle Panel" mini-game. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and choose the "Battle Panel" selection on the main menu.
Hidden Introduction Sequence
Load the game and do not press any buttons on the controller. Allow the introduction sequence to play four times uninterrupted. Then, enter the "Movie Player" screen, highlight the "Opening Movie" selection and press Right to access the new "Extra Opening" selection.
Infinite Mode (Japanese Version)
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press L1 + Start.
Play As Clair Andrews
Beat arcade mode with any female character.
Play As Django
Beat arcade mode with the eight regular non-Final Fantasy 7 characters.
Play As Koji Masuda
Beat arcade mode with any male character.
Play As Vincent Valentine
Beat arcade mode with Tifa.
Play As Yuffie Kisaragi
Beat arcade mode with Cloud.
Play As Zack
Beat arcade mode with all Final Fantasy 7 characters.
Racetrack Mode (Japanese Version)
When "Press Start" appears at the opening screen, press R1 + Start.

Gameshark Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring Hacks
Unlock All Characters801F19FC FFFF
Unlock All Endings801F1A00 FFFF
Infinite Time in Battle800F6C94 0930
Infinite Time to Chose Fighter800F69EE 0EB2
Time is Always 0:00:00800F6C30 0000
Box is Always On800F7FD4 0001
Box is Always Off800F7FD4 0000
Level Modifer800F6D34 00??
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health8011EADE 00B8
75% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 008A
50% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 005C
25% HealthD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 002E
No Health8011EADE 0000
One-Hit KillD011EADE 00B8
8011EADE 0001
Max Power Bar8011F7D6 00D0
No Power Bar8011F7D6 0000
Character Modifer800F69FC 00??
Player 2 Codes
P2 Infinite Health801228F2 00B8
P2 75% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 008A
P2 50% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 005C
P2 25% HealthD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 002E
P2 No Health801228F2 0000
P2 One-Hit KillD01228F2 00B8
801228F2 0001
Max Power Bar801235EA 00D0
No Power Bar801235EA 0000
Character Modifer800F6A2C 00??
RPG Mode Codes
Infinite Health801E84D0 0080
Infinite Power Bar801F363E 0080
Infinite Money801F37D0 FFFF
Max Magic Stones801F37A8 270F
Max Max HP Base801F3642 00FF
Max Attack Base801F3644 00FF
Max Defense Base801F3646 00FF
Max Magic Atk Base801F3648 00FF
Max Magic Dev Base801F364A 00FF
Max Dexterity Base801F364C 00FF
Max Speed Base801F364E 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Base801F3650 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Base801F3652 00FF
Max Max HP Current801F3654 00FF
Max Attack Current801F3656 00FF
Max Defense Current801F3658 00FF
Max Magic Atk Current801F365A 00FF
Max Magic Def Current801F365C 00FF
Max Dexterity Current801F365E 00FF
Max Speed Current801F3660 00FF
Max Consum. Rate Current801F3662 00FF
Max Exp Gain Rate Current801F3664 00FF
Max Power Bar801F3640 00FF
Experience Modifier801F366C ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
00 - Rio
01 - Han Daehan
02 - Godhand
03 - Lee Shuwen
04 - Dasher Inoba
05 - ?
06 - Sasuke
07 - Prince Naseem
08 - YoYo Yoko
09 - Jo
0A - Cloud Strife
0B - Tifa Lockhart
0C - Django
0D - Sephiroth
0E - Koji Masuda
0F - Clair Andrews
10 - Yuffie Kisaragi
11 - Vincent Valentine
13 - Zax
Quantity Digits to Accompany Level Modifier Code
01 - Roof
02 - Airship
03 - Hong Kong
04 - Train
05 - Coliseium
06 - DigUp
07 - Shelter
08 - Elevator
09 - Underground
0A - Computer
0B - Random

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