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Dragonheart: Fire And Steel Cheats


Level Passwords
Battleground PJXWKL34WHK4TZS
Caer Einonoch entranceXTGJC4G4WG34DHB

Gameshark Dragonheart: Fire And Steel Hacks
Infinite Rings800858FC 03E7
Infinite Lives800858AC 0900
Have MAX Endurance300858BA 00C8
Have MAX Energy300858BB 00C8
Infinite Arrows300858AF 0009
Infinite 3-Shot Arrows300858B0 0009
Infinite Speed Arrows300858B1 0009
Infinite Fire Arrows300858B2 0009
Infintie Exploding Arrows300858B3 0009
Infinite Dragon Attacks (When Available)80085900 0063
Always Play Level ??800B6694 00??
Infinite Energy (Level 1)8013744C 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 1)8013744E 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 2)801324A4 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 2)801324A6 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 3)80133684 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 3)80133686 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 4)80136F54 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 4)80136F56 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 5)80132384 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 5)80132386 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 6)80135B54 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 6)80135B56 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 7)8012FAE4 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 7)8012FAE6 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 8)80133544 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 8)80133546 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 9)8010BAD0 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 9)8010BAD2 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 10)80134D60 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 10)80134D62 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 11)801354D4 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 11)801354D6 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 12)80134418 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 12)8013441A 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 13)8010C7E8 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 13)8010C7EA 6480
Infinite Energy (Levels 14-16)8010B6E4 0064
Infinite Endurance (Levels 14-16)8010B6E6 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 17)80130D34 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 17)80130D36 6480
Infinite Energy (Level 18)8012F804 0064
Infinite Endurance (Level 18)8012F806 6480
Infinite Energy (All Levels--BPC)80024010 0000
80024012 0000
Endurance Never Goes up (All Levels--BPC)8001ED88 0000
8001ED8A 0000
Infinite Endurance (All Levels--BPC)8001EE44 0000
8001EE46 0000

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