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Level Select
At the main menu, press L1, R1, Triangle(2), Square, Circle, R1, L1. Then, remove all memory cards from the PlayStation and choose "Load Game" to select from all levels.

Gameshark Deathtrap Dungeon Hacks
Ininite Fireballs800C6CA0 FFFF
Infinite Razor Spell800C6CA4 FFFF
Infinite Jetspell800C6CA8 FFFF
Infinite Greater Razorspell800C6CAC FFFF
Infinite Arc Of Power800C6CB0 FFFF
Infinite War Pig800C6CB4 FFFF
Infinite Starspell800C6C9C FFFF
Infinite Firefly800C6C98 FFFF
Infinite Health Potion800C6CC4 FFFF
Infinite Antidote800C6CC8 FFFF
Infinite Strength800C6CCC FFFF
Infinite Speed800C6CD0 FFFF
Infinite Charm Of Icy Cool800C6CD4 FFFF
Infinite Warding800C6CD8 FFFF
Infinite Magic Charm800C6CDC FFFF
Infinite Invisibility800C6CE0 FFFF
Infinite Flame Lance800C6C80 FFFF
Infinite Bombs800C6C7C FFFF
Infinite Firethrower800C6C78 FFFF
Infinite Grenade Launcher800C6C84 FFFF
Infinite Blunderbuss800C6C88 FFFF
Infinite Infernal Device800C6C8C FFFF
Have Silver Key800C6CF0 018E
Have Red Key800C6CF4 018E
Have Gold Key800C6CEC 018E
Have Magic Warhammer800C6C68 0106
Have Venom Sword800C6C64 0106
Have Silver Sword800C6C60 0106
Have Black Spirit Sword800C6C5C 0106
Have Red Sword800C6C58 0106
Have Warhammer800C6C50 0106

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