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Critical Blow Cheats


Play As EX Rickey
Beat tournament mode on the hard difficulty level.
Play As Hagane
Beat theater mode on any difficulty level. Then, Hagane will become selectable in tournament mode.
Play As Merkuar
Beat tournament mode using any fighter.
Play As Sieguei
Beat tournament mode on the easy difficulty level.

Gameshark Critical Blow Hacks
Unlock All Secret Characters80068C54 FFFF
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health8011A0C8 008C
1 Hit Kill8011A0C8 0000
Infinite Special Attack3010FBC0 0004
No Special Attack3010FBC0 0000
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health8011B420 008C
1 Hit Kill8011B420 0000
Infinite Special Attack3010FBC1 0004
No Special Attack3010FBC1 0000

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