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Gameshark Contender 2 Hacks
Infinite Health P1 Alex8008A470 008F
801226F0 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Alex80122708 0064
Infinite Health P1 Bruno8008A470 008F
80128FC0 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Bruno80128FD8 0064
Infinite Health P1 Damien8008A470 008F
8012C820 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Damien8012C838 0064
Infinite Health P1 Gabrielle8008A470 008F
8012CDB4 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Gabrielle8012CDCC 0064
Infinite Health P1 Greta8008A470 008F
80124A3C 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Greta80124A54 0064
Infinite Health P1 Julio8008A470 008F
80128EF0 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Julio80128F08 0064
Infinite Health P1 Mabutu8008A470 008F
8012EB00 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Mabutu80128F08 0064
Infinite Health P1 Sergio8008A470 008F
80124A98 008F
Infinite Stamina P1 Sergio80124AB0 0064
Unlock All Characters (GS 2.2 or Higher Needed)50000B01 0000
300AE960 0001
Press L2 to End RoundD00BC66A FEFF
800A45C4 0000
One Punch Knocks Down Tough Opponents P1
(Starts With Mabutu)
80190A4C 0000
801845EC 0000
801869E4 0000
8018AF0C 0000
801813B0 0000
80187C40 0000
80186988 0000
8018463C 0000
80182060 0000
80187D5C 0000
8017F70C 0000
80181BE0 0000

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