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Championship Bass Cheats


Challenge Mode Passwords
Unlock All Levels
Enter "EVpUyYy18VoE" as a case-sensitive password.

Gameshark Championship Bass Hacks
Unlock Topwater Jerkbait800C4DE0 0001
Unlock Deep Diving Crankbait Lure800C4DF0 0001
Unlock Curly Tail Worm Lure800C4DFC 0001
Unlock Grub Lure800C4E00 0001
Unlock Tube Bait Lure800C4E04 0001
Unlock Popper Lure800C4E10 0001
Unlock Prop Lure800C4E18 0001
Line Never Breaks801148B6 03EB
Stop Timer (Challenge Mode)800E798E 2400
Start on Last Challenge LevelD00C4D92 0000
800C4D92 000E
Start/Stop Timer (Tournament Mode)D00BB544 0005
800E7A12 2400
D00BB544 0005
800E7A2E 2400
D00BB544 000A
800E7A10 45D8
D00BB544 000A
800E7A12 ACC2
D00BB544 000A
800E7A2C 45D8
D00BB544 000A
800E7A2E ACC2

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