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Gameshark Brave Saga Hacks
Infinite EPD00488E6 014B
800488E6 0140
CP 6553580037F8E FFFF
Main Character Max HP301C6E78 00FF
All Max Exp800335A8 FFFF
800335E0 FFFF
80033618 FFFF
80033650 FFFF
80033688 FFFF
800336C0 FFFF
80033768 FFFF
800337D8 FFFF
80033B20 FFFF
80033B58 FFFF
80033C38 FFFF
80033C70 FFFF
80033CA8 FFFF
80033FB0 FFFF
80034098 FFFF
All Items80037FC0 6363
80037FC2 6363
80037FC4 6363
80037FC6 6363
80037FC8 6363
80037FCA 6363
80037FCC 6363
80037FCE 6363
80037FD0 6363
80037FD2 6363
80037FD4 6363
80037FD6 6363
80037FD8 6363
80037FDA 6363
80037FDC 6363
80037FDE 6363

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