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Control Map Movement
Pause the game and enter the "Map" option. Then, press Select to stop the map movement. Now press L1, L2, R1, R2, and the D-pad to move around the map.
Easy Mode
At the "Press Start Button" screen, hold Up/Right + X + Square, then press Start. Now enemy attack and defense power will be reduced by half, and more time will be available to complete each level.
Extra Options
Use a memory card and beat the game in less than 1:30:00. Then after the title screen appears again, press Start. Now choose the "Special" selection on the screen to access level selection, view FMV sequences, enter sound test mode, and other options.
Flight Mode
Beat the game in less than 1:30:00. Then, hold L2 + R2 and press X on controller two. Now while playing a game, press R2 on controller one to climb, and L2 to dive.
Hard Mode
At the title screen, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, X, Triangle, Circle.
Level Skip
Load a saved game and repeatedly tap Start until the save game message appears. Then, choose "No" to continue a game at the next level.
Reset Game
While playing a game, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select.

Gameshark Brahma Force: The Assault On Beltlogger-9 Hacks
Infinite Durability800E0C64 03E8
Max Durabilty800E0C66 03E8
Max Shield Rifle800E0C6A 0064
Max Shield Laser800E0C6C 0064
Max Shield Missiles800E0C6E 0064
Max Shield Physical800E0C70 0064
Infinite Rifle Ammo800E0C74 03E8
Infinite Missiles800E0C78 03E8
Infinite Launchers800E0C7A 03E8
Infinite Bombs800E0C7C 0063
Infinite RP200300E0C7E 0063
Infinite RP500300E0C7F 0063
Infinite EC200300E0C80 0063
Infinite EC500300E0C81 0063
Infinite Repair Modules300E0C82 0063
Infinite High Repair Modules300E0C83 0063
Infinite Max Repair Modules300E0C84 0063
Infinite Energy Modules300E0C85 0063
Infinite High Energy Modules300E0C86 0063
Infinite Max Energy Modules300E0C87 0063
Infinite Full Recovery Modules300E0C88 0063
Infinite Star Shells300E0C89 0063
Infinite Bangers300E0C8A 0063
Infinite System Packs300E0C8B 0063
Infinite Beacons300E0C8C 0063
Infinite Shield Bits300E0C8D 0063
Infinite Sapu's300E0C8E 0063
Infinite UPR's300E0C8F 0063
Have Stinger Rifle at Max300E0C97 00FF
Have GH-1000 Rifle at Max300E0C98 00FF
Have GH-3000 Rifle at Max300E0C99 00FF
Have Triple Barrel Rifle at Max300E0C9A 00FF
Have Hensolt Shooter Rifle at Max300E0C9B 00FF
Have Rapid Fire Rifle at Max300E0C9C 00FF
Have Quarker Laser at Max300E0C9D 00FF
Have Prokion Laser at Max300E0C9E 00FF
Have Hadron Laser at Max300E0C9F 00FF
Have Syn Wave Laser at Max300E0CA0 00FF
Have Polar Ray Laser at Max300E0CA1 00FF
Have Hydra Laser at Max300E0CA2 00FF
Have Detector Missile at Max300E0CA3 00FF
Have Dual Buster Missiles at Max300E0CA4 00FF
Have Mobs Missiles at Max300E0CA5 00FF
Have Trench Mortal Launcher at Max300E0CA6 00FF
Have Breaker Launcher at Max300E0CA7 00FF
Have Miu Launcher at Max300E0CA8 00FF
Have Enemy Analizer300E0CB1 000B
Have Pivot Stabilizer300E0CB3 0006
Have Middle Range Unit300E0CB5 0007
Have Long Range Unit300E0CB6 0003
Have Quick Charger300E0CB7 0008
Have We-Thyristor300E0CB8 0004
Have Power Thyristor300E0CB9 0009
Have Solid Gear300E0CBA 0005
Have Dash Booster300E0CBB 000A
Infinite Energy & Laser Shots800E0D2A 03E8
Never Overheat800E0A6E 0000
Infinite Armor8005C918 0064

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