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Instant Injury Recovery
When a player is injured, substitute him and resume the game. Then, pause the game and return to substitution. The player who was just injured will no longer be hurt.

Gameshark Blast Lacrosse Hacks
Home Team Infinite Turbo800C2C14 00FF
Home Team No Turbo800C2C14 0000
Home Team Always on Fire80094FDC 000A
Home Team Never on Fire80094FDC 0000
Home Team Scores 080094FC0 0000
Home Team Scores 9980094FC0 0063
Home Team Score Modifier80094FC0 00??
Away Team Infinite Turbo800C2C18 00FF
Away Team No Turbo800C2C18 0000
Away Team Always on Fire8009507C 000A
Away Team Never on Fire8009507C 0000
Away Team Scores 080095060 0000
Away Team Scores 9980095060 0063
Away Team Score Modifier80095060 00??

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