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Gameshark Ballistic Hacks
Max Score800CAEB8 FFFF
Unlock All Stages800D7FCC 0100
800D7FCE 002C
Shoot Yellow Ball (Press X)D00DE58A BFFF
800BE404 0306
Shoot Blue Ball (Press Square)D00DE58A 7FFF
800BE404 0304
Shoot Orange Ball (Press Circle)D00DE58A DFFF
800BE404 0300
Shoot Pink Ball (Press L1 + X)D00DE58A BBFF
800BE404 0303
Shoot Light Blue Ball (Press Down + X)D00DE58A BFBF
800BE404 0305
Shoot Green Ball (Press L2 + X)D00DE58A BEFF
800BE404 0307
Shoot Grey Ball (Press R1 + X)D00DE58A B7FF
800BE404 0302
Shoot Darker Yellow Ball (Press R2 + X)D00DE58A BDFF
800BE404 0301
Shoot Green/Grey Ball (Press Up + X)D00DE58A BFEF
800BE404 0308

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