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Gameshark Backguiner Act 2 Hacks
Main Character
Max EXP800950D4 0063
Max Weapon800CED5C 03E7
800CED60 1001
2nd Character
Max EXP80095100 0063
Max Weapon800CED9C 03E7
800CEDA0 1001
3rd Character
Max EXP80095158 0063
Max Weapon800CEDDC 03E7
800CEDE0 1001
4th Character
Max EXP80095184 0063
Max Weapon800CED7C 03E7
800CED80 1001
5th Character
Max EXP800951B0 0063
Max Weapon800CEDBC 03E7
800CEDC0 1001
6th Character
Max EXP80095208 0063
Max Weapon800CEDFC 03E7
800CEE00 1001
7th Character
Max EXP800951DC 0063
Max Weapon800CF21C 03E7
800CF220 1001
8th Character
Max EXP80095234 0063
Max Weapon800CF23C 03E7
800CF240 1001
9th Character
Max EXP8009512C 0063
Max Weapon800CF1FC 03E7
800CF200 1001

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