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Alternate Emblem Backgrounds
Highlight an emblem and enter the edit screen. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Select.
Change Pilot Name
Enter the garage and highlight the "Change AC Name" option. Now hold L2 + R2 + Right, then hold X and quickly hold Square.
Death Bonuses
Intentionally die with less than -50,000 credits. Then, the game will restart from the first level with all items gained in the previous game. If done correctly, your pilot name will change to "Rebel" followed by three random numbers. The first time this is done, the radar will become a grid system and will detect incoming missiles. The fourth time this is done, the rear weapon may be fired while in motion. The sixth time that this is done, available energy will be doubled. Additionally, a ball may be fired from the laserblade by firing the blade, then pressing Jump.
First Person View
While playing a game, hold Triangle + Square + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the new camera view. For the Japanese version of the game, hold Triangle + Square + Select.
Fixed Camera View
While playing a game, hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location. For the Japanese version of the game, hold Circle + X + Select.
No Limit Bonus
Complete over 100 sorties with a greater than 90% win record and an over all rating of 98% or more. Then, unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points will be allowed.
Note: Ignore the overweight warning.
Return To Default View
To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. For the Japanese version of the game, press Select instead of Start.

Gameshark Armored Core Hacks
Infinite Energy80040FBE 6D60
Infinite Weapon 18004128A 00C8
Infinite Weapon 2800412C6 00C8
Infintie Armor801A2818 7000
Infinite Time8019F52C FFFF
Infinite Money80039CA6 00FF
Change View to Far View801987EC F3E7
Change View to Left View801987F4 F3E7
Sorties Modifier801F377C ????
Success Modifier801F3780 ????
Failure Modifier801F3784 ????
Have All Head Parts80031A94 0101
80031A96 0101
80031A98 0101
80031A9A 0101
80031A9C 0101
Have All Core Parts80031A9E 0101
80031AA0 0101
Have All Arm Parts80031AA2 0101
80031AA4 0101
80031AA6 0101
80031AA8 0101
80031AAA 0101
80031AAC 0101
80031AAE 0101
80031AB0 0101
Have All Leg Parts [Set 1]80031AB2 0101
80031AB4 0101
80031AB6 0101
80031AB8 0101
80031ABA 0101
80031ABC 0101
80031ABE 0101
80031AC0 0101
Have All Leg Parts [Set 2]80031AC2 0101
80031AC4 0101
80031AC6 0101
80031AC8 0101
80031ACA 0101
80031ACC 0101
80031ACE 0101
80031AD0 0101
Have All Generator Parts80031AD2 0101
80031AD4 0101
80031AD6 0101
Have All FCS Parts80031AD8 0101
80031ADA 0101
80031ADC 0101
80031ADE 0101
Have All Optional Parts80031AE0 0101
80031AE2 0101
80031AE4 0101
80031AE6 0101
80031AE8 0101
80031AEA 0101
Have All Booster Parts80031AEC 0101
80031AEE 0101
80031AF0 0101
Have All Left & Right Back Weapons [Set 1]80031AF2 0101
80031AF4 0101
80031AF6 0101
80031AF8 0101
80031AFA 0101
80031AFC 0101
80031AFE 0101
80031B00 0101
80031B02 0101
Have All Left & Right Back Weapons [Set 2]80031B04 0101
80031B06 0101
80031B08 0101
80031B0A 0101
80031B0C 0101
80031B0E 0101
80031B10 0101
80031B12 0101
Have All Right Arm Weapons80031B14 0101
80031B16 0101
80031B18 0101
80031B1A 0101
80031B1C 0101
80031B1E 0101
80031B20 0101
80031B22 0101
Have All Left Arm Weapons80031B24 0101
80031B26 0101
Human Plus Mode80039D20 0001

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