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Arc The Lad 2 Cheats


Gameshark Arc The Lad 2 Hacks
Infinite SP800BD3F0 423F
800BD3F2 000F
Infinite Money800BD3EC 423F
800BD3EE 000F
Infinite Money800BD3EC FFFF
Infinite GP800BD070 270F
Infinite Currency800BD0CC 7FFF
Level Up Codes
Elc800BD94C E0FF
800BD94E 25F5
Lieza800BDA50 E0FF
800BDA52 25F5
Wolf800BE888 E0FF
800BE88A 25F5
Shu (Blue-Haired Boy)800BDC58 E0FF
800BDC5A 25F5
Shante800BDB54 E0FF
800BDB56 25F5
Gruga800BDF64 E0FF
800BDF66 25F5
Sania800BDE60 E0FF
800BDE62 25F5
Arc800BD438 E0FF
800BD43A 25F5
Poco800BD53C E0FF
800BD53E 25F5
Kukuru800BE680 E0FF
800BE682 25F5
Tosh800BD640 E0FF
800B D642 25F5
Gogen800BD848 E0FF
800BD84A 25F5
Iga800BD744 E0FF
800BD746 25F5
??Char 5800BDD5C E0FF
800BDD5E 25F5
Beast 1800BE068 E0FF
800BE06A 25F5
Beast 2800BE16C E0FF
800BE16E 25F5
Beast 3800BE270 E0FF
800BE272 25F5
Beast 4800BE57C E0FF
800BE57E 25F5
Beast 5800BE478 E0FF
800BE47A 25F5
Beast 6800BE374 E0FF
800BE376 25F5

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