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Bonus Cars
Start a new race and choose the "Begin Career" selection. Then at the "Register" screen, enter "GO_BEARS!" (for stock cars) or "GO_BRUINS!" (for formula one cars), where "_" indicates a space.
In-race Car Modifications
Pause the game during a race and enter the "Race Statistics" screen. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + X + Circle + Select. Now a car editor menu with the following options will appear:

  • Drafting effect
  • Draft distance
  • Front downforce
  • Rear downforce
  • Fuel consumption rate
  • Incremental braking
  • Tire wear rate
  • AI speed percentage (50-150)
  • Torque spins
  • Centrifugal force

Gameshark Andretti Racing Hacks
Infinite Fuel801EB3A8 3D60
801ECA8C 3732
801E0194 0040
801E019C 0040
Always Place First801EB318 0001
Gives you First Place Without Racing801EB2D8 0063
Qualify in First801EB35C A36D
801EB360 C9AE
801EB374 0111

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