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Easy Money
When you get to Serpent's Coil, the enemy there will always be Jells and always appear in numbers of three or more. They are immune to physical attacks. When you are at level 10 or greater, use only elemental Arcanas. After the battle, notice that you will get Arcana Gems exactly according to the Arcana used to kill the Jells. Every battle can result in three or more Arcana Gems. Each gem can be sold it for 100 Gellas. Every enemy you kill using an Arcana is bound to give away Arcana gems.
In the Fallen Sanctuary, defeat Pilbugs with Arcana to get Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice gems which can be used in battle, or sold for 100 Gellas.
One-hit Kills
As soon as you can, equip the Bunker Cannon II on the Sandcraft. When in battle, always use the force ability "Fire all ammo at once". You should be able to kill all monsters in one hit.
View Character Portraits
During any non-cinematic dialog, press Select to view a portrait of the character who is talking.
Note: The portrait will appear somewhat discolored, as it is meant to have the brown window shading over it. For example, Clive's hair will appear black, and Virginia's hair will look a very deep red).

Gameshark Wild Arms 3 Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite ECNFE58A8EE BCA99BE6
Max GellaDE58A8E2 C19E7B82
Low TimeDE58B60E BCA99B84
No Random Encounters0EB1FA40 BCA93B83
Big EXP After BattleCE585B4E BCA9C292
CE585B56 BCA9C292
DE585B52 BCA9C292
CE585B5E BCA9C292
CE585B5A BCA9C292
High EXP After BattleDE585B4E C19E7B82
DE585B56 C19E7B82
DE585B52 C19E7B82
DE585B5E C19E7B82
DE585B5A C19E7B82

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