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Alternate Two Player Mode
To play a different two player mode without splitting screens, select double gun mode. One player can use the gun and the other player can use the controller. If you have two guns you can use them both. If you have two controllers you can also use both of them.
Note: Both players have to hold Reload to pop up or both players have to release to pop up. Both players also have the same amount of life.
Automatic Weapons
Successfully complete story mode twice to unlock automatic weapons.
Bonus Points On Stage 1, Area 2
In Stage 1, Area 2, when fighting Jacob Kinisky (the first Boss), shoot him in the head and his hat will fall off. Shoot his hat off every time you see him in the area. You will now notice that when you reach the end of the Area you will not fight the NDI vehicle: Instead, the vehicle will drive above you. You will look to the arch on your left, where you will find numerous bonus point soldiers (yellow color). Each of these bonus soldiers are worth 5,000 points when shot once, and if shot more than once, the extra shots will also amount to more than a standard soldier. Once all the yellow soldiers are defeated, Area 2 will be clear.
Bonus Points On Stage 2, Area 2
When on the train, another train will pass by and the Boss will shoot all of the windows. After that, the action message will appear and you will have to succeed in shooting two yellow men waiting on the train. Do this and you will jump on to the other train. There will be many yellow men to shoot.
Bonus Points On Stage 3, Area 1
When Wilddog first appears to fight, shoot the man with the rocket launcher to the left of him. Next, shoot the other man on the right. Then, shoot the blue man under Wilddog. Finally, shoot Wilddog six or more times. If you succeed, you will fight many yellow men when fighting Wilddog immediately before Area 1 ends.
Bonus Quick And Crash Game Modes
To access the additional Game Modes, "Chain Hit Game", "One Shot Game" and "10 Second Game", you must achieve higher than fifth place on the standard difficulty setting. The Target will change in the "Chain Hit Game" as below:

    0-48: A cup
    49-98: A piggy bank
    99-148: A filament light bulb
    149-173: Pac-Man
    174-198: Cosmo
    199-223: Mappy
    224-253: Pooka
    254 - 255: Bacura

Note: If you shoot Bacura, the counter will stop at 255 points. There will be no further increase in your points after this, regardless of how many targets you continue to hit.

Crisis Mission Mode
This mode appears in the Extra Games. To access Day 1 of the mission, successfully complete story mode once. To access Days 2 through 5 and the final day, you must clear the current day. For example, when you clear Mission Day 2, Mission Day 3 will be activated. To access the Extra Mission, clear 4 Day Missions out of 5. To access Final Mission 2, clear all extra missions except the Final Day.
Note: You do not have to clear all missions in a day to access the next day. Out of the 5 missions in a day (not including the Extra Mission), only at least 4 need to be cleared to proceed.
Free Play Mode
Everytime the player uses all credits in story mode, one credit is added. After nine credits, the credits change to free play mode.
Infinite Ammunition
Successfully complete story mode using automatic weapons to unlock infinite ammunition.
Mirror Mode
Successfully complete story mode using only one credit to unlock mirror mode.
Music Test
Successfully complete crisis mission mode.
Note: This will also unlock Final Mission 2.
Shoot Away 2 Arrange Mode
Achieve a high score in arcade original mode (Retro) to unlock arrange mode. You will receive bonus points if you hit two clay pigeons with one bullet. Your points will double, so if you hit a 30 points clay and a 40 points clay with one shot, you will get 140 bonus points.
Shoot Away 2 Extra Mode
Achieve a high score in Shoot Away 2 retro mode to unlock extra mode.
Stage Trial 2
Successfully complete stage 1 in story mode on any difficulty setting to unlock stage trial 2.
Stage Trial 3
Successfully complete stage 2 in story mode on any difficulty setting to unlock stage trial 3.
Wide Ammunition
Successfully complete story mode using infinite ammunition to unlock wide ammunition.

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