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Blue LeMans
Search outside the Soreditch Boxing Club to find the Blue LeMans.
Citroen Camper Van
Search on Kensigton Road, below Hyde Park to find the Citroen Camper Van.
Citroen Kebab Van
Search near Waterloo Road to find the Citroen Kebab Van.
Double Health
During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down.
EyeToy LeMans
Go to Marylebone and search near a garage where you can save your cars to find the EyeToy LeMans.
Infinite Ammunition
During the opening introduction before the main menu appears, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square.
Penny Farthing
Go to Mayfair and search in front of a big archway at the top left of the area to find the Penny Farthing.
Peugeot 406
In free roaming mode, choose Viktor as your player. You will start in a purple Brabus outside the Skobel building in the city. Exit the Skobel building, turn down the side street directly opposite and drive to the end where you will have to take a right turn. Just ahead you will find the Peugeot 406 from the film "Taxi". It has one of the fastest top speeds of any car in the game and handles brilliantly.
Push Bike Mountain
When you start off with Sam, look behind you. There will be a push bike mountain.
Saving Cars
When you start free roam mode with Mitch in the Police Laguna, turn around. You will see a turning, and there will be a garage with a white door with little holes in it. Drive a car into it, park it, then save. The car will be there the next time you go here.
The Getaway LeMans
Search behind the Tower of London to find The GetawayLeMans.
Vauxhall Rally Car
Look around the St. Pancras area. Look for an alleyway go down to find an old Vauxhall rally car.
Vauxhall VX
Search behind the police station to find the Vauxhall VX.

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