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Armor King's Alternate Costume
Successfully complete arcade mode with Armor King. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Armor King and press Start.
Automatic Lower Parry
While fighting with any character, press Down/Forward to do a lower parry.
Bonus Characters
Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to unlock one of the hidden characters. Another character will be unlocked each time the game is completed, in the following order: Kunimitsu, Bruce Irvin, Jack-2, Lee Chaolan, Wang Jinrey, Roger & Alex, Kuma & Panda, Kazuya Mishima, Ogre, True Ogre, Prototype Jack, Mokujin & Tetsujin, Devil & Angel, and Unknown.
Escape Backflip
While fighting with most characters, press Up/Back to do an escape backflip.
Gallery Mode
Unlock Devil to access gallery mode.
Juke Box In Tekken Bowl Mode
Score more than 200 points in Tekken Bowl mode. Press Start, select "Bowling Options", and choose a song.
Ling FMV Sequences
Successfully complete arcade mode with Ling, then complete it again in her school costume to view two different FMV sequences featuring Ling.
Play As Angel
At the character selection screen, highlight Devil and press Start.
Play As Gold Tetsujin (Japanese Version)
Win ten matches in versus mode.
Play As Heihachi (Japanese Version)
Successfully complete arcade mode without losing in less than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.
Play As Tiger
At the character selection screen, highlight Eddy and press Start.
Practice Mode Stage Select
At the main menu, highlight "Practice Mode", then hold L2 and press R2 the indicated number of times to select the corresponding stage:

StageR2 presses
Law (new)1
Yoshimitsu (light snow)2
Ling 3
School Stage (evening)7
Jin (evening)8
Nina (daytime)9
Eddy (sunset)10
Eddy (daytime)13
Law (old)15
School Stage (daytime)16
Jin (daytime)17
Nina (nighttime)18
Yoshimitsu (heavy snow)19

Start Match With Second Selected Character
Hold Tag and press Start before a match begins to switch the order of the fighters.
Super Charger
While fighting with any character, press all buttons to do a super charger.
Tekken Bowl Mode
Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode.
Theater Mode
Successfully complete arcade mode once to unlock theater mode.

Gameshark Tekken Tag Tournament Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)ECA4F414 1456E60A
Infinite Health P11C121A5C 144D34D8
1C121A60 144D34D8
One-Hit Kill P11C121A5C 1456E7A6
1C121A60 1456E7A6
Infinite Health P21C1FD2FC 144D34D8
1C1FD200 144D34D8
One-Hit Kill P21C1FD2FC 1456E7A6
1C1FD200 1456E7A6
Unlock Everything4CD61C98 1456B00C
4CD61C96 1456B00C
4CD61C9C 1456E7CC
4CD61CA0 1456E7C3
4CD61CA6 1456E6A8

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