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Additional Puzzle Difficulty
Successfully complete the game on the easy, normal, and hard puzzle difficulty settings. Select the hard puzzle difficulty again and begin a new game to have a new combination of puzzles.
Book Of Lost Memories
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game and look for the newspaper stand near the Texxon Gas Station. The Book Of Lost Memories can be found inside.
Box Combination
When you get almost to the end of the hospital area and go down in the elevator, you will get a call on the radio. It is game show which will ask three questions. You must go to the third floor storeroom to get your prize. The combination to the box is 3 1 3.
Note: This is for the easy and normal difficulty setting.
Chain Saw
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty and normal puzzle difficulty settings. Start a new game to find a chain saw among logs before the cemetery.
Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete the game. Start another game and enter the extra options menu to access new features.

    A "Bullet Adjust" option can be set, allowing the normal amount of ammunition found at a location to be doubled or tripled.

    A "Noise Effect" option can be toggled.

    Another new option can be toggled, allowing scenes to be viewed without distortion.

Defeating Eddie
In the first battle, equip your rifle and as soon as you get the chance, shoot him four times. He will run away. Follow him into the next room. Get far away from him and just keep shooting until he dies. If he gets in close, run away and shoot him. If done correctly, he should be locked in between shots and you will not get hit.
Dog Key
Successfully complete the game with the "Rebirth" ending. Start a new game and a dog house will now appear near Jack's Inn. Look inside the dog house to find the Dog Key.
Extra Options
At the options screen, press L1 + R1 to display an extra options menu with blood color, map zoom, and other selections.
Hidden Skulls In Picture
Go to room 307 in "Wood Side Apartments". On the third floor is a picture on the wall. Press X and the message "There's a painting hanging on the wall. It looks like a landscape of this area." will appear. Look at the picture to see two skulls on the side of the mountains.
Hyper Spray
Successfully complete the game two times. Start a new game to find the Hyper Spray on the south side of the motor home.
Innocent Man Riddle
One of the rooms you will enter in the Labyrinth will include six men that have been hung by the ceiling. Your job is to free the innocent man in the group. In easy riddle mode, the innocent man will always be, "The Kidnapper". In normal riddle mode, the innocent man will always be, "The Arsonist". In hard riddle mode, the innocent man will always be ,"The Counterfeiter". Once you find out who the innocent man is, pull the corresponding empty noose in the second room to release the body. In his place, the Key Of The Persecuted will be on the floor below.
Introduction FMV Sequence Audio
If you wait at the title screen for awhile, the introduction FMV sequence will begin. In some scenes, there will be no audio. Successfully complete the game one time and the audio will be restored to those scenes.
Obsidian Goblet
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game and enter the Historical Society building. The Obsidian Goblet can be found on a shelf.
Reveal Signs
Unlock all five endings, then start a new game. All signs will now be revealed.
White Chrism
Successfully complete the game. Start a new game to find White Chrism vial in the kitchen of apartment 105 in Blue Creek Apartments.

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