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Acquire "green" Skills
You can learn any of the skills: Persuade Reverse, Taunt, Confuse, or Rumor. If you are training and another officer wishes to join you, if they happen to have a green skill that you do not know, you have a small chance to learn it after you have finished training. To increase the probability of an officer coming to train with you, make sure you have a high bond with them.
Acquire "yellow" Skills
You can learn yellow skills from any non-sage officer. To gain Weather or Medicine, your officer must have at least a Friendly relation to the officer with that skill. If Friendly, there is 1% to 10% chance of learning. If Trusted, there is a 15% to 20% chance of learning. If Loyal, there is a 25% to 35% of learning. If Sworn Brother, there is a 40% to 50% chance of learning.
Note: The percent chances are approximate.
Acquire Skills And Tactics
After your officer has a chance to get married and you get married, your spouse will teach you skills and tactics from time to time. You can learn any skill or tactic except the special skill for each set.
Better Created Characters
Get a 100% item completion in the game to unlock better created characters.
Bonus Created Character Portraits
Get a 100% event completion in the game to unlock bonus created character portraits.
Change Characters
Pause the game, select "Quit", set the CPU to control your officer, then quickly hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select. A window allowing one of up to other eight officers to control will appear.
Easy Items
If your fame is relatively high and you observe at the fields, the farmers there will either give you money that they scraped together for you or even better tell you that they found an item buried in the fields. This item can be just about anything; even rare items.
Easy Money
Become a prefect in a city that is surrounded by friendlies, and have a city near you that is on a front. It helps if the city on the front is fighting a hopeless battle with one or no reinforcements (for example, against Ma Teng in Scenarios 196 to 210). Learn how to increase your city's gold, either by pillaging or by playing merchants. To play merchants, buy supplies when the numbers are high, sell when they are lower. It is possible to buy for 11 gold, then sell for 7 gold, but not in the same council. Simply accumulate a lot of money and your liege will assign you to support the city on the front. Every time you properly support them, you will be given 500 gold, and 1000 fame and deeds. If you have someone under you with trade skill, use them to buy and sell.
Note: It helps if you are next to an enemy city that will be taken over soon; this will cause many riots to lower safety to 0. Pillaging will then always be successful, even if it is under your force.
Play As Lu Bu
To get Lu Bu, fight Dong Zhou during the Dong Zhou story in an all out war when you move your own people. Take all your men and go straight for Lu Bu as soon as you find him. Once defeated, take the officer that has him to a very safe place and finish the rest of the level. Make sure to have powerful people by starting from the beginning, as Lu Bu has 108 war ability. Be sure to take Lu Bu quickly so there will be a better chance of getting him, and you do not have to execute him.
Note: Sometimes Diao Chan will appear. Take her after defeating Lu Bu.
Secret Characters
At the main menu, select "New Officer". Choose "Create New Officer" from the new officer menu. Choose the name option and enter one of the following names. For example, for Abraham Lincoln, enter Lincoln as the last name and Abraham as the first name, so the name appears as Abraham Lincoln. A musical note will play, and an officer will automatically be created and given type, ability, skills, and gender. Select a birthdate, and face and everything else is done.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Albert Einstein
    Ben Franklin
    Benedict Arnold
    Davy Crockett
    Jedidiah Smith
    Jim Bridger
    John Adams
    John Henry
    JohnPaul Jones
    Kit Carson
    Patrick Henry
    Paul Bunyan
    Paul Revere
    Pecos Bill
    Red Cloud
    Sam Houston
    Sitting Bull
    Thomas Edison
    William Cody
    William Seward

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