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Gameshark Red Faction Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)EC8E9778 1456E60A
Infinite Health1CBF6618 1456E7A5
1CBF661C 1456E7A5
1CBF6620 1456E7A5
1CBF6624 1456E7A5
1CBF6928 1456E7A5
Infinite Ammo1C84CA68 15F6E79D
1C84CA6C 1456E7A5
Infinite Ammo & All Weapons (1/2)1C84CA68 39A1B0E5
1C84CA6C E19FE7B5
1C84CA70 E1A6E7A5
1C84CA74 E45669BD
1C84CA78 0456E7A0
1C84CA7C 1456E7A5
1C84CA80 2054E7BF
1C84CA84 28947065
1C84CA88 909AE7A5
1C84CA8C E65601BD
1C84CA90 3858EBA5
1C84CA94 2054E7AF
Infinite Ammo & All Weapons (2/2)1C84CA98 28940215
1C84CA9C 1496AF9E
1C84CAA0 1456E7A5
1C84CAA4 3A46E7A6
1C84CAA8 2E53E7B7
1C84CAAC 0876B011
1C84CAB0 1456E7A5
1C84CABC 39A1E765
1C84CAC0 15F6E79D
1C84CAC4 1456E7A5

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