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Critical Mode
Successfully complete Team Onimusha mode to unlock critical mode.
Easy Gold And Souls
Go to the road to the gold mine. Some of Nobunaga's guards will be there. Kill them all, and they will drop some gold and some souls. Keep exiting the path and go back into it repeatedly.
Easy Issen Attacks
Move to your left or right for a thrust attack and press Square; move one step back for a slash attack and press Square; or use a timing attack on a rolling enemy.
Easy Mode
Start a game and die three times. If done correctly, a message will appear to indicate that a new easy difficulty setting is available.
Note: You cannot achieve an "Onimusha" rank when playing in easy mode.
Ending Bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Scenario Route option, Man In Black Suit mini-game, and Team Onimusha mode; as well as a FMV preview of Onimusha 3.
Hard Mode
Successfully complete the game on the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting.
Jubei's Alternate Costume
Collect the Fashionable Goods item and successfully complete the game with an ''S'' rank. Enter the "Special Features" menu and enable the "Extra Jubei" option to dress him in leather and sunglasses (press L2 to toggle). In the Japanese version, successfully complete the game with the "Onimusha" rank.
Kick Ass Mode
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock the kick ass difficulty setting.
Mind Twister Mode
Successfully complete the game with all eighteen artworks to unlock mind twister mode.
Oyu's Alternate Costume
Get a 100% scenario completion by playing the game multiple times to make good alliances with all the sub-characters. After all scenarios are unlocked in the "Scenario Route" viewer, enter the "Special Features" menu and enable the "Extra Oyu" option to dress her in a 1970's style costume.
Strongest Equipment Mode
Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting. Then, start new game to begin with the Blazing Fire Sword, 20,000 in money, 30 Intense Medicines, 10 Wood, all level 3 armors, infinite ammunition, and skill always full.

Gameshark Onimusha 2 Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8A60D6 BCC0A096
Infinite MoneyD161153A BC413102
Infinite HealthC1613D3E BCA9A783
Max HealthC1613D3A BCA9A783
Max & Infinite HealthD1613D3E C8A9A783
Max & Infinite Ogre Power (Magic)D161164A C8A9A783
D16110FE C8A9A783
Max SoulsD161165E BCAA8B83
D161165A BCAA8B83
Full Weapon Ohgi = Weapon Charge (R1 + Square)D161108E BCA99B82
Always 1st SaveD17A4E76 BCA99B83
Low Game TimeD17A4FFA BCA9A053

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