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Bad Endings
    Do what he says and switch the shields.
    Link back to Tomahna without Releeshahn.
    Turn off the power, then turn it back on.
    Talk to him but do not go anywhere.
    Talk to him, leave, repeat (do not do anything other than that).
Lens Posts In J'nanin Age
On the J'nanin Age, there are a variety of posts, each with a sort of lens. You must find the source of light (near the yellow post) and turn the cover until the light is directed to the yellow post. From there, point the light from post to post and ultimately to the receptor next to one of the three tusks. The light posts can be manipulated by selecting the ring under the lens. Record the order of the colors of the posts that the light travels to in order to reach the receptor, this order is the key to open the door. Also, you have to turn the light on that is beside the yellow post. Then, make the light follow a certain sequence of the posts to reach a receptor. The sequence is yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, fuschia, and red. You must make the light follow those posts through the receptor to a door. Then, click the bolts on the door in the correct order. It is the same order as the posts.
Myst Quiz
Answering the following 29 questions correctly will unlock the six drawings of Myst:

    1. A
    2. D
    3. C
    4. C
    5. B
    6. B
    7. A
    8. A
    9. B
    10. C
    11. B
    12. C
    13. D
    14. C
    15. C
    16. A
    17. D
    18. A
    19. B
    20. B
    21. A
    22. D
    23. B
    24. B
    25. A
    26. B
    27. D
    28. B
    29. A

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