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Play As Alex Barros
Win Challenge 9 to unlock Alex Barros.
Play As Carlos Checa
Win Challenge 7 to unlock Carlos Checa.
Play As Daijiro Kato
Win Challenge 6 to unlock Daijiro Kato.
Play As Garry McCoy
Win Challenge 13 to unlock Garry McCoy.
Play As Hitomi Yoshino
Win Challenge 85 to unlock Hitomi Yoshino.
Play As Jack Slate
Win Challenge 62 to unlock Jack Slate.
Play As Jeremy McWilliams
Win Challenge 20 to unlock Jeremy McWilliams.
Play As John Hopkins
Win Challenge 18 to unlock John Hopkins.
Play As Jurgen Van Der Goorbergh
Win Challenge 21 to unlock Jurgen Van Der Goorbergh.
Play As Kenny Roberts Jr.
Win Challenge 5 to unlock Kenny Roberts Jr..
Play As Kevin Schwantz
Win Challenge 12 to unlock Kevin Schwantz.
Play As Loris Capirossi
Win Challenge 16 to unlock Loris Capirossi.
Play As Max Biaggi
Win Challenge 10 to unlock Max Biaggi.
Play As Mick Doohan
Win Challenge 15 to unlock Mick Doohan.
Play As Nobuatsu Aoki
Win Challenge 91 to unlock Nobuatsu Aoki.
Play As Norick Abe
Win Challenge 4 to unlock Norick Abe.
Play As Olivier Jacque
Win Challenge 90 to unlock Olivier Jacque.
Play As Pere Riba
Win Challenge 17 to unlock Pere Riba.
Play As Regis Laconi
Win Challenge 19 to unlock Regis Laconi.
Play As Sete Gibernau
Win Challenge 14 to unlock Sete Gibernau.
Play As Shinya Nakano
Win Challenge 11 to unlock Shinya Nakano.
Play As Susumu Hori
Win Challenge 1 to unlock Susumu Hori.
Play As Tetsuya Harada
Win Challenge 3 to unlock Tetsuya Harada.
Play As Valentino Rossi
Win Challenge 12 to unlock Valentino Rossi.
Play As Wayne Gardner
Win Challenge 87 to unlock Wayne Gardner.
Play As Wayne Rainey
Win Challenge 2.

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