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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Cheats


Aggravate Eva
At the scene where you have to make your way to the Wig with an injured Eva, take a fake death pill. She will be alerted and rush to your side. If you revive yourself, she will be annoyed at you. Continue doing this and she will not believe you, making her more aggravated each time.
American Portable Light Machine Gun
This weapon is located in the room behind some boxes where the shotgun is found. Check the entire area to find more items.
Note: It is recommended to first eliminate all the enemies before searching the area. You can go back to fight The End.
Animals Camouflage
Defeat Ocelot to get the Animals camouflage.
Avoiding Damage From The Shagohod On The Runway
To avoid being harmed by the Shagohod while you are driving down the runway, attack the Shagohod's treads. This will slow the Shagohod down, keeping it from getting close enough to hurt you.
Avoiding Detection By Workers
When wearing a scientist or maintenance uniform, stay away from other workers as they will know you are not one of them. Use cig-spray or the handkerchief to knock them out first.
Banana Camouflage
Get the high score in each stage of the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game to unlock the Banana camouflage.
Bypassing The End
When you first encounter him on the dock in the wheelchair, take notice. Once the scene is over, equip your SVD Sniper weapon, then shoot the man wheeling him in. Once he is dead, shoot The End as many times as you can before he escapes into the facility. If done correctly, he will laugh and the wheelchair will explode and hit Snake.

You must first be in the river area. Once there, put on leaf camo with woodland face paint. Remain still for awhile but keep looking around. When you look directly at him, you will see a glare. Once you see that, shoot as fast as possible. He will notice you about five seconds later. Repeat this until he is killed.

Cancel Alert Radio
Tune to 144.40 on your radio to cancel Alert mode.
Note: This can only be done one time. Additionally, during alert mode, grab a guard and interrogate him. He will give you a radio frequency number. Call it and the alert will go away; the number changes each time.
Cold War Camouflage
Defeat Volgen to get the Cold War camouflage.
Completion Bonuses
Successfully complete the game to unlock the bandanna, camera, patriot gun, Spirit camouflage, Tuxedo camouflage, and extreme difficulty setting. When the Bandanna is worn in a new game you will have infinite ammunition. The patriot gun fires like a machine gun and carries infinite ammo. However, if you use it during the game it will lower your rank at the end.
Control Introduction Sequence
During the opening sequence, press L3 to change the language of the text that scrolls across the screen. If pressed enough times, it turns into a snake skeleton. You can also press R1 during the opening sequence to hear a girl whisper "Snake eater". If you move the Right Analog-stick during the opening sequence, birds will fly across the screen in the direction it is moved. Move the Left Analog-stick to control the direction of the credits. If you press the D-pad you can make dots appear on the screen. If you move the Right Analog-stick, soldiers with parachutes will go across the screen. Press R3 to control the picture that goes across the screen when you move the Right Analog-stick.
Control Title Screen
At the title screen, press L3 to change the background pattern color. Press R1 or R2 to control its speed. Press L1 to place the black silhouette from the foreground to the background. Press L2 to change the color of the black silhouette. Press Triangle to turn the background black.
Crocodile Cap
When you meet EVA the first time, in the next area is a big swamp. Get into the swamp and go north. You will see two logs blocking your way. Go underwater and cross the logs to get to the area, where there is an ivy tree. Climb up the tree and press Triangle. Hang and move on the rope until you see another rope beneath you. When you see another rope, hang so that it comes directly beneath you and press X and then Triangle to grab to the second rope. Move yourself all the way to the other side of the rope and drop down to get the crocodile cap.
Defeating The Boss
Equip your Snow Camo and put on your Desert facepaint. Then, run next to one of the logs and lie down until The Boss runs and hides behind a tree. Equip your sniper rifle and get into your kneeling position. Find where The Boss is hiding and wait for her to poke out. Shoot her, and wait for her to hide. You do not have to lay down or move, and if you are far away enough you will avoid her CQC moves. Just sit in the same spot and continue shooting her with the sniper rifle. You will make quick work of The Boss.

Use the following trick to defeat The Boss with the tranquilizer gun. It is recommended you have at least one life medicine. Save the game at the start of the battle. Wait a little while to play (or use Healing Radio). Then, put on the thermal goggles. When she runs towards you, go to the sides and try to punch her three times but do not use CQC, as she will revert it .After you knock her down, shoot her in the head.
Note: You can only shoot her twice. Repeat this until her stamina is down.

She is afraid of grenades. Put some distance between yourself and her and start throwing the WP (incendiary) grenades. If you are an accurate thrower, once she starts burning and falls down, continue to throw WP grenades to the same location. If by chance she gets up to run towards you, time the throw to intercept her as she runs towards you. When she falls again, keep throwing more WP grenades to the same area. You will defeat her quickly. You will also do damage with regular grenades, and she even says "grenade" as she tries to dodge them. If you do connect, you will inflict heavy damage to her.

An easy way to defeat The Boss towards the end of the game is to put on the Snow Camo and apply an appropriate face design (Desert recommended). Stay crouched and you will not be noticed as easily. She will be looking for you and become confused, As soon as you see an opening, fire at her with any desired gun (one with a silencer is recommended, as your location will remain unknown). If you are engaged in CQC, keep tapping Circle and most of the time you will counter the attack and perform an attack of you own. If you ever find The Boss on the floor, take out any gun and fire simultaneously on her head or body. She will lose about one sixth of her health. Be careful -- as soon as she gets up she will fire at you while running away.
Note: After you defeat The Boss, hold Triangle to control the camera.

Defeating The End
The battle with The End is a grueling sniper battle, but if you know what you are doing you will be able to take him down without being harmed. First, go to the river area. It has a lot of space and will make it easy for you to hide. Go to the lower half of the river area and find one of the hollowed out logs. Equip your Tree Bark Camo and wait for The End to begin snoring. This may take some time and patience, but it will be worth it. Also, watch out for his parrot. If you find and shoot it, The End will have a difficult time finding you. Once you hear him snoring, equip your Leaf Camo and look for the "Z"s around his head. You can either go around him and use your Mk22, or take out your sniper rifle and shoot him. Either way, you will inflict heavy damage. Repeat this one or two more times to defeat him.

Try to find a green bird while battling The End. Shooting it will make him more aggressive, as it is his pet parakeet. At the end of battle, an intermission sequence featuring a transparent image of the bird (like a ghost) will replace the live bird. If you collect it as food, Para-Medic will say its odd to find a bird like this in the area, and not to eat it because it is so pretty. If you are wondering, it tastes bad anyway.

When fighting The End, kill his parrot. The parrot tells him where you are. With it dead, it is easier to sneak up behind and kill him. In the first area where you meet him, to the northwest is a building with ammunition in it. The bird will appear there, as long as you go there first. It is perched on the southeast corner of the building. Kill it, and the fight will be much easier.

As you fight The End, he falls asleep. Hunt him and find his location, then shoot him with your MK22. Even if he has a little over half of his consciousness remaining, he will immediately be defeated. Apparently, if you can tranquilize him in the head while he is asleep, it does a considerable amount of damage.

Save the game immediately after the fight starts. Wait a few days and return. You will see an intermission sequence, where The End dies of old age and you do not have to continue the fight.

Using the directional mic, you can find The End. Just listen for him breathing deeply, and usually he will say "This is The End".

Defeating The Fear
Beating The Fear with the Mk22 is no simple task -- once his stamina gets low enough, he will run off and find food to raise his stamina back up. The easiest way to defeat The Fear is to equip your Thermal Goggles and stay in the location that you start the battle in. When you have lowered his stamina enough, he will jump out of your range. Watch which direction he goes to in first person view, then run there. If you are quick enough, you will catch him in the tree trying to get some food. Shoot him a few more times and you will finish The Fear.

When fighting The Fear, equip to your weapon inventory poisonous foods or sleepy mushrooms. Then, before he starts hunting for food, throw them out on the ground. When he looks for food, he will sometimes go for the food that you threw on the ground other than hunting for his own. This may help when trying to defeat him by using only non-lethal attacks.

Defeating The Fear is easy with one move. Kill a few poisonous dart tree frogs (they are represented by little red dots moving around on the ground). Equip them in your weapon inventory. Find one of the many traps between two trees and aim for that area. When The Fear runs out of stamina, he will go for your food as long as you are near it. If you placed it right under a trap trigger (the rope that sets the trap off) he will come down, take the bait, get hit by the trap, and vomit. Then, shoot him about two or three times with the MK22.

Go to a tree with vines on it. Climb it until you get to the branch above it. Put on your thermal goggles, and it is a lot easer to kill him.
Note: If you want the Spider Camo use the MK22 or the EZ gun. Keep a close eye on him so that he does not run to find food. If he does, just wait until he gets back in a tree and repeat until you kill him.

This trick works on all difficulties, especially extreme. Kill as many animals as you can find before facing him. When you are at The Fear, save the game and turn off the PlayStation2. Before you start the game again, set the system date to one year ahead. Therefore, all your food will be rotten. This process will make it easier to kill The Fear by shooting your rotten food at him, letting him eat it, and slowly draining his life. It will also add a bonus three seconds when he realizes it is rotten -- shoot him as many times as possible.

Defeating The Pain
The Pain is the first Boss that you will fight in this game, not counting your little duel with Ocelot. This Boss is a Hornet Trooper that can control wasps. On the very easy mode, find the shotgun before you fight him. If you do not have it and have already fought Ocelot, you will not be able to get one. Shoot when he either is about to shoot you, is prancing around, or does not have wasps protecting him like body armor. With a few well placed shots, you will be fighting the second part of him. This is when he has his Halloween mask off to reveal his deformed face. During this time, he will have his body armor of wasps and will have wasps that will fly into your body that eats your organs away. Para-Medic will tell you how to heal. The Pain's health is still very low. Also, try to fight in the water. When he shoots the wasps at you, swim underwater so they cannot get you. If you run out of ammunition, use your AK 47.
Defeating The Shagohod
Take out your RPG and aim for the Shagohod's treads. When you hit one of them, the Shagohod will be stunned for a fear seconds and give you an opportunity to attack. There is only one place you can do damage and this is on its back where sparks are flying out. You can only hit it once per tread damage, but if you shoot the weak point then aim for the treads and wait for them to start moving again and shoot, the Shagohod will be done for before you make a full rotation around him.
Defeating The Sorrow
The Sorrow does not really do much as far as fighting, but if you want an easier battle with him you must keep your kill count at a minimum. The Sorrow only attacks you with the soldiers that you have killed in the game. If you only used your Mk22 throughout the game, there will be no soldiers to attack you.

The Sorrow is tricky, and only attacks you with the soldiers you have killed. When you have passed all of the dead soldiers The Sorrow will teleport his own corpse. Walk into the corpse and you will die. At the "Snake is dead" screen, hold L1 and look for the Revival Pill that is shaped like your tooth. Press Circle to use it, and you will wake up again.

Dodge all ghosts while moving forward without stopping. Go all the way downriver to the point where Sorrow hovers over his own dead carcass. Punch Sorrow , which actually kills you. Before the letters have a chance to complete and read "Snake is dead", quickly press L2 to take the reviving pill. Snake wakes up underwater and swims to the surface. The game will resume. If you do not take the pill, the game ends.

When you find yourself in the river being attacked by the people you have killed, press X to dive down in the water. Then, just wait underwater until your life goes down all the way. This will cause you to drown yourself in a matter of seconds.

This trick requires grenades. Drop about four grenades until you die. When you are dead, hold L2 and scroll to the revival pill. Press Circle when the menu is on it. An intermission sequence should start, with Snake underwater.

Defeating Volgin
Defeating Volgin on top of the Shagohod is the same as fighting it the first time. Take out your RPG and aim for the treads. When you hit the treads, you will stun the Shagohod and leave a window open to do damage to Volgin. You cannot hurt him unless you shoot him in the sides of the back. Make sure you are close enough to get behind him and unload with any gun. Do this to make quick work of Volgin.

Volgin is fairly easy once you know how to get around him, when fighting for the first time. Wait until he starts recharging electricity or is charging electricity to attack you. Once he is in either of those situations, this is an opening for you. Get behind as fast as possible and fire at his head. Takes decreases the most health from him with the least amount of time. Be careful -- unequip your weapon quickly. If you are caught a few times in his electric ball, your ammunition that remains in your gun will blow up. After you decrease half of his health, his attacks will get more aggressive -- be cautious.

Also, when you are trying to take down his stamina bar, use stun grenades.

Drunk Granin
Stay after talking to Granin in the little room between the cells and the room he is drunk in. He laughs and starts saying "Someone's in here!", falls asleep, then dreams "Ahh Tanya yes ohhh".
EZ Gun
To get the EZ gun, which has infinite tranquilizer bullets, play the game on the very easy difficulty setting.
Escaping From Prison
After being tortured by Volgin, you will be put into a prison cell. There are two ways to get out. The first is to get the fork off the ground and dig out the fake death pill that The Boss shot into your leg out and use it. Or, if you pressed R1 during the torture scene you may have seen The Sorrow holding a number (144.75). Call this while you are in prison. The doors will open and you will be able to escape. Additionally, an alternate way to get out of the prision cell after Volgin's torture, is to make Snake sick. Snake will vomit, and the guard will open the door to check on you. As soon as he opens the door, take him out and you will be free.
Eva's Bathing Suit
After you crash with Eva, after beating the Shagohod there will be two more areas before you reach The Boss. In the second area, there will be a fork. There will be a tree at the very beginning of the right fork. Go behind it and enter first person view. Shoot the frog. Then, get near Eva and open up the survival viewer. Go to "Cure", then to Eva. She should now be in her bathing suit.
Eva's Medical Record
Near the end of the game when you are supposed to cure Eva, take a look at her medical history. Among many other injuries you will find a breast enhancement, a broken fingernail, a bad case of gas, and some other funny things.
Fighting Raiden/Raikov
When you first get to Graznyj Grad, you must steal Major Raikov's uniform. He can be found in the restroom, and will use Raiden's "Double Kick" and "Cartwheel" moves.
Finding Medical Supplies
You can get medical supplies from special garden plants (which appear using the thermal goggles), holding up soldiers/scientists, dragging scientists, and from special fruits and animals.
Fire Camouflage
Defeat The Fury to get the Fire camouflage.
Fly Camouflage
Go to Grainy Gorki Lab second floor and go into the bathroom. Break the last stall door off (kicking recommended). Go inside to find the Fly camouflage. When wearing it, flies will suddenly swarm around you.
Frog Locations In Snake Eater

    1. East Dremuchij: Amongst a pile of logs in the west of the middle section.

    2. North Dremuchij: Atop the hill in the middle of the northern area. Shoot from the west side.

    3. Dremuchij Swamplands: On the ground behind a tree on the west side of the swamp.

    4. South Dremuchij: In the far southwestern corner atop a high ledge. Climb over the logs to get a shot at it.

    5. Dolinovodno: On top of a post on the north side of the bridge.

    6. Rassvet: Underneath the stairs on the west side of the building.

    7. Chyornyj Prud: Underwater next to a tree in the far northern part of the pond.

    8. Bolshaya Past South: In the middle of a group of trees on the southeastern side of an electrical fence in the north.

    9. Bolshaya Past Base: Under the corner table in the barracks (bedroom).

    10. Bolshaya Crevice Past: In the area to the south where Ocelot's soldiers are located. Climb the tree and look to the south and you should see it.

    11. Chyomaya Peschera Cave Branch: From the area where you get the torch, go through the path on the left. Follow it, then crawl through the holes in the ground until you finally reach a hole in the ground with water below. Do not jump in. Instead, look to the south in first person view and you should see it. There is also a set of night vision goggles here. Make sure to get them because they are very useful.

    12. Chyornaya Peschera Cave: In the area where you fight The Pain, look up at the large hole in the ceiling. You should see it right on the edge.

    13. Chyornaya Peschera Cave Entrance: In the middle section there is a small area with some ammunition and mines planted. Go in and look up above the way that you came in and you should see it.

    14. South Ponizovje: At the very beginning of the area, look to the northwest. You should see it on the land.

    15. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior: There is a red gate in the southwest. The frog sits on top of it.

    16. Ponizovje Warehouse: Very high up on the ceiling on the rafters above the stairs. Look close because it is difficult to spot. You will have to look from the ground in the south because you cant see it from the top of the stairs.

    17. West Ponizovje: This area is very easy to miss. In South Ponizovje near the end of the level, there is a hard to see path in the canyon on the left. The frog is underwater behind a grate in the north. Also, in the building in this area you can get your sniper rifle early.

    18. Ponizovje Warehouse: Exterior: There is a red gate in the southwest. The frog sits on top of it.

    19. Graniny Gorki South: In a tree in the northwest corner. Climb one of the trees to the southeast of this one and look northwest and you should see it.

    20. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Outside Walls: In the inside of the electric fence in between some trees in the west.

    21. Graniny Gorki Lab Exterior: Inside Walls: There is a small building in the east that cannot be entered but has a barred window. Look through this barred window and you should see it.

    22. Graniny Gorki Lab 1F: On top of the lockers near the stairs. Note: There is not one on the second floor. The first and second floors count as one area.

    23. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 East: In plain sight in the westernmost cell.

    24. Graniny Gorki Lab B1 West: On a table against the west wall in the room with the TV.

    25. South Svyatogornyj: At the very beginning at the top of the wall with the door you entered the area through.

    26. West Svyatogornyj: In the southwest area. It is to the west of a crawl through log and a pitfall.

    27. East Svyatogornyj: This place is also easy to miss. When you leave West Svyatogornyj, make sure to take the exit in the northeast, not to the northwest. There is a large building in the northeast section of this area. The frog is on a shelf in the bedroom.

    28. South Sokrovenno: Right outside the building with the sniper rifle against the northern wall.

    29. North Sokrovenno: On the ground next to a tree at the north end of the upside down "U" shaped area in the south.

    30. West Sokrovenno: The far South at the end of the river.

    31. Krasnagorje Tunnel: About halfway through the tunnel on the ground (before climbing the endless ladder).

    32. Krasnagorje Mountain Base: Near the end of the area at the northwest end, look up. You should see it on the hill.

    33. Krasnagorje Mountainside: At the end of the area on top of the building with the food inside.

    34. Krasnogorje Mountaintop: The southeast corner. Stand next to the building with the bullets and items to get a good shot.

    35. Krasnogorje Mountaintop Ruins: On a shelf near the entrance (to Mountaintop).

    36. Krasnogorje Mountaintop: Behind Ruins: On the radio tower at the southeast of the base about halfway up. This one is difficult to see -- look closely.

    37. Groznyj Grad Underground Tunnel: In the area where you fight The Fury on top of a red pipeline. Stand near the red door and look up and to the south and you should see it.

    38. Southwest Groznyj Grad: The building in the west, the middle one. Look in the slightly open door to see it.

    39. Northeast Groznyj Grad: In the crawl space behind a grate. The entrance to the crawl space is in the northeast, just above the food storehouse.

    40. Southeast Groznyj Grad: On top of the building, southeast corner. Climb the stairs to get to where you can see it.

    41. Northwest Groznyj Grad: On an inaccessible staircase in the southwest. Climb the boxes to get a shot at it.

    42. Groznyj Grad Torture room: Underneath the desk in the room in the northwest.

    43. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing: On top of a bookshelf at the far north end of the second floor locker room.

    44. Groznyj Grag Weapons Lab: West Wing Corridor: Look out the window to the south at the large pole with the sirens on it. It will be on top.

    45. Tikhogornyj: At the south end of the river under the log.

    46. Tikhogornyj: Behind Waterfall: In the room with the ladder. It is sitting on top of a pipe in the southwest.

    47. Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: Main Wing: In between two of the computers in the west (on the west side of the Shagohod).

    48. Groznyj Grad B1F (area where you fight Volgin): Next to some boxes in the west up above the platform (on the first floor).

    48. Groznyj Grad: The next few frogs must be shot while riding on a motorcycle. Saving at the beginning of every one of these areas is recommended, so if you miss you can restart and go back and get it. With most of these, the sniper rifle will give you the best shot.Early in the level when you stop on account of some guards, look up at the watchtower on top of the spotlight. The frog should be there.
    Note: You will move soon, so shoot fast.

    49. Groznyj Grad Runway South: The first time you stop because of some soldiers, there will be a forklift to the left of the soldiers (your left). The frog will be on the seat.

    50. Groznyj Grad Runway (part 1): On a sign on the left side of the road after you turn about halfway through the area.

    51. Groznyj Grad Runway (part 2): It will be on one of the signs on the right side (looking ahead) of the road. It is early into the area. You will need your sniper rifle for this.

    52. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge (sniping part): On the arch underneath the bridge on the left side of the bridge. You will need to stand up to see it.

    53. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge: At the base of the radio tower in the west. You will be on foot for this one.

    54. Groznyj Grad Rail Bridge North: At the roadblock at the very end of the area. It is in between the left and middle barricades.

    55. South Lazorevo: Near the beginning of the area. It will be on the ground in front of a rock just slightly to the right (looking ahead). A log will be in front of it, and you will pass it quickly. Look and shoot fast.

    56. North Lazorevo: On a rock on the left (looking ahead) near the beginning of the area. Note: There is no more motorcycle shots after this frog.

    57. South Zaozyorje: On the western path below the log bridge. Stand on the log bridge and look down and to the east.

    58. East Zaozyorje: At the fork where the paths split in the south is a tree. The frog is in between that tree and the hill. Look closely because it is a tight space.

    59. Rokovoj Bereg: On the highest point of a tree in the south.

Frog Locations In Virtuous Mission

    1. South Dremuchij: Behind some trees above the cliff in the northeast, up at the large hole in the ceiling.

    2. Dremujij Swamplands: In the far north beyond the swamp behind some trees in the east. Look close, because it is difficult to see.

    3. North Dremuchij: On top of a hollow tree stump in the northeast.

    4. Dolinovodno: On top of a post at the south end of the bridge.

    5. Rassvet: On the wall in the northwest section of the building, there is a hole in the wall. Look through the hole and you should see it.

Frustrate Volgin
In the battle against Volgin in the Shagohod hanger, put on the mask. Volgin will begin to say things like "Ivan?". This will make Volgin slightly more aggressive, and make it easier to attack his back. However, his attacks will become more fierce.
GA-KO Camouflage
The GA-KO camo has the ability to make the Kirotan frogs call out to you when it is equipped. It is located in the first swamp north of Sokolov's research facility. It is in the northeast section, in shallow water. They will barely appear, even with thermal goggles. Once it is equipped, exit the survival viewer and you will hear the Kirotan frog only three times. If the sound is weak, you are not close to it. Move to another part of the area and press Start to open the survival viewer. Then, press X to exit and hear the frogs again. If the sound is stronger, then you are getting closer. Repeat this process to find the Kirotan Frogs in every area.
Game Developers' Faces
Take some pictures when you are facing The Sorrow. Save them, then go into the picture viewer. Start editing the colors and you will notice faces of the game developers in the photos.
Get Eva Through Extreme Mode
Use the following trick to complete areas when you are with Eva in extreme mode. Its very difficult to bypass the parts with Eva in extreme mode because there are a lot of enemies and her stamina runs low very quickly. Put her to sleep by shooting her with your tranquilizer gun. By doing this, her stamina replenishes and does not run low. Carry her yourself so she does not get lost, left behind, or shot and dies. To wake her up at the end of the areas, go to "Cure" and use the survival knife to awaken her.
Healing Radio
Using the interrogation maneuver on some guards by using L3 while engaged in Close Quarters Combat. This will make them spit out various hints, some of which will tell you secret stations you can tune to with your radio. After getting at least one secret frequency number, a new selection under your "Memory" will be available called "Healing Radio". There are a total of eight secret frequencies you can find. Each will heal Snake to various degrees when you listen to them, and your life/stamina meter will appear to show you by how much it is helping you. The following is a list of all "Healing Radio" frequencies:

    148.39 Surfing Guitar / 66 Boys
    146.65 Rock Me Baby / 66 Boys
    148.96 Pillow Talk / Starry.K
    144.86 Jumpin' Johnny / Chunk Raspberry
    143.32 Sailor / Starry.K
    145.83 Salty Catfish / 66 Boys
    142.09 Sea Breeze / Sergei Mantis
    141.85 Don't Be Afraid / Rika Muranaka
Hidden Ending Text
After dying, remain idle at the "Game Over" screen. The letters will change until the words "Time Paradox" appears.
Hidden Frog Bonus
Find and shoot the hidden frog in each area to unlock a special camouflage.
Hidden Intermission Sequences
In Groznyj Grad after the torture scene, you will wake up in the prison. Get the fork and remove the bullet, but do not remove the transmitter. Then, continue the game. Later when you meet Eva behind the water fall, there will be a funny extra intermission sequence that takes place after Snake pushes her away from the kiss. The extra scene will only play if you still have the transmitter in you at this point.

While facing The End, let him shoot you with as many tranquilizer darts as possible until you collapse. When this happens, a hidden intermission sequence begins, showing him picking you up and carrying you all the way back to Graniny Gorki, with the Japanese model and the frog on the table. For some reason he forgets and leaves the door completely open for your escape.

After defeating The Boss, a horse will come to you. Hold R1 to see the ghost of The Boss behind the horse. The R1 display up at the top right is not shown.

At the end when Snake is looking at the grave of The Boss, then salutes it, press R1 to see all the graves around him moving as if he is dizzy.

Hornet Stripe Camouflage
Defeat The Pain to get the Hornet Stripe camouflage.
Immortal GRU And KGB Troops
When fighting Revolver Ocelot, shoot bullets or throw grenades at the squad in the back. They will duck the grenades and dodge the bullets (even Patriot).
In-game Reset
While playing a game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select.
Instant Kill
For a quick kill, manually aim at the target's head and shoot. If this does not kill them instantly, it will do a good amount of damage and they will probably die after the next shot.
Jiggly Eva
When you are with Eva go to the cure screen and press R1. This will display an x-ray of her. If you zoom in, notice that everything is visible. Also, if you move the camera up and down she will get a little jiggly. Additionally, when you are helping her through the woods after the crash, go to the survival viewer and view her skeleton. Zoom in close, then turn her to the side.
Johnny Guard Reference
In Metal Gear Solid , when Snake was searching for the DARPA Chief in the ventilation shaft, if you looked down through one of the gaps there was a guard on the toilet named Johnny. Then, in Metal Gear Solid 2 when Emma is balancing on the oil fence, if you equip the D-Mic you will hear her talking to the same guard, Johnny. In Metal Gear Solid 3, when Snake (or Big Boss) is talking to a lonely guard, the guard shows him a picture of his son, and tells him that his son's name is Johnny.
Kill Gavial Crocodile
When a Gavial opens its mouth to yawn, throw a grenade in and it will blow up into little pieces. Pick up all of the pieces for rations.
Kill Ocelot
After you get Sokolov, and after the scenes, the GRU soldiers will be on the ground. Just kill Ocelot as you would a soldier. You will see the "Game Over" screen with the message "Ocelot is Dead".
Kill Sokolov
When you go to rescue Sokolov, kill all enemies (to make this easier). Then, go to the east side. Near the ladder is a window. Once there, throw a grenade in it. You will hear Sokolov scream and the "Game Over" screen will appear with the message "Sokolov is dead".
Konami Code Reference
At the first Konami logo when first starting the game, press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle. The sound from the classic "Konami code" from original Metal Gear on the NES will play.
Metal Gear Acid Passwords
Wear the scientist disguise and enter the Graniny Gorki Lab 1F area. Keep interrogating the first guard in the lobby until he tells you that "JEHUTY" is a password for Metal Gear Acid. Additionally, at the Bolshaya Past Base, interrogate all enemy soldiers. One of them will reveal that "VIPER" is a password for Metal Gear Acid.
Metal Gear Solid 2 Reference
Once you have to go through the east wing of the lab a second time, go to the locker room. The one that you hid the colonel in is empty (it has a red stripe). Hide in it, then look down in first person view to see a poster that reads "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" and has a picture of Raiden.
Metal Gear Solid Reference
When Granin shows you the plans for Metal Gear: REX, he will say he is sending it to a friend in the United States. It will then show a picture of Granin and Otacon.
Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, And Z.O.E. References
During the scene with Granin, you will be given the option to press R1 to look around. During the second time you are given a chance to do this, if you look around you will see the robot from Zone Of The Enders and Metal Gears Ray and Rex action figures.
During the timeline shown at the end of the game, when the events of 1970 come up, the first three words are "The United Snates" instead of "The United States".
Monkey Mask
Get the top five high scores in the Snake Vs. Ape mini-game to unlock the monkey mask.
Mosin Nagant Gun
After defeating The End, go directly west to find a clearing. The box should be there. Use thermal goggles to find it easier. The rifle is called a Mosin Nagant and is a tranquilizer sniper rifle. Call Sigint while gun is equipped for a history lesson.
Moss Camouflage
Get near The End and when he hits you, open your map from survival viewer and sneak to the red dot. The dot is The End. Point a shotgun at him.
Note: The weapon must be the shotgun. He will lay down but will not give it to you. Aim your shotgun two or three more times and he will give the Moss camouflage to you.
Non-lethal Force Bonus
Defeat all Bosses without using lethal force to unlock one of the following special camouflages:

    Animals camouflage (reduces hand shaking when aiming guns)
    Cold War camouflage (some enemies hesitate when shooting)
    Fire camouflage (fire damage reduced)
    Hornet Stripe camouflage (keep hornets, leeches, and spiders away; can tame hornets)
    Snake camouflage
    Spider camouflage (stealth increased while stamina is reduced)
Opening The Door In Weapon Lab And Getting Skorpion
To open the door that requires a radio frequency, you must capture a guard. Hold the knife to him to get the information by pressing L3 (145.86). Call that while standing in front of door to open it. You should hear a click. Once inside the door, the very powerful Skorpion (includes laser sighting) can be found in the far northeast of the room, along with ammunition.
Note: The room can only be entered through the door located to the east. The one to the west does not open until after the east door is opened.
Purge Poison
When Snake is stricken with food poisoning, use the "Sick Snake" trick to make him vomit. It will cure the food poisoning.
Note: The "Sick Snake" can be done when standing and crouching.
Referred As Dead On The Radio
When fighting The Sorrow, call anyone using your radio. They will think you are dead and start talking as if you died in any part of the game.
Saving Medical Supplies
If running low on medical supplies or want to use less, only heal part of the wound. As you heal the wound, the circle around it will become smaller. When healing a wound with one item, it will make the wound automatically heal, but the more supplies used the faster it will heal.
Screaming Sokolov
To make Sokolov scream, go near his room (crawl space, window, or door). Fire a shot and he will say, "Please stop!" or will scream.
See Ocelot In Intermission Sequence
During the final intermission sequence, just after Snake is given his medal, press R1 (it is not prompted) If you look to the left, you can see Ocelot for the last time outside of the window.
The shotgun is located in East Sokrovenno. When you meet The End, turn back to the south exit. You will find an area with lots of traps (you just passed the area to meet The End). Once you are there, turn east and there will be a cottage. The shotgun is located in the area.
Sick Prison Guard
After the torture scene and you are in the cell, throw the food you are given (and the rat). The guard will say, "Oh you're not hungry? Thanks!". The guard will then say, "OWHHWH...." "OWW... I can't hold it any more". He will run for the restroom, start screaming, then say, "OHH... I don't think it will come out" followed later by, "I didn't think that was possible". He will try to flush the toilet, and it will become clogged.
Sick Snake
During a mission, go into the items screen by pressing Start. Press R1 to go into View mode to see Snake in the middle, and a set of coordinates on the left side of the screen. Both Analog-sticks will control the rotation of the view of Snake. Spin the view very fast either to the left or right so that Snake is spinning, and tilt the camera up and down continuously. Do this for at least ten seconds then exit back to the game. If done correctly, Snake should vomit.
Note: Be careful as patrols can hear Snake vomit.
Single Action Army
To get the Single Action Army gun, when you are at the final duel with Ocelot choose the right box. He will shoot you, but it is a blank. He feels that he got his revenge, puts the gun in your pocket, and falls out the airplane. If you choose the left box, you will shoot him, then give the gun back to him. Thus you, will not start with it in the next game.
Sleep Talking
In the scene where you have to reach the Wig with Eva injured, shoot her with a tranquilizer dart. She will pass out and begin to talk in her sleep. To wake her up again, go into the survival viewer and cure her with the knife. Alternately, you can kick her awake. Eventually, eva will replace the word "Snake" with other names like "Boss" and "Fido".
Sleeping Snake
To make Snake fall asleep with "Zzz" above his head, eat a special mushroom to the west of the warehouse.
Snake Camouflage
Defeat The Boss to get the Snake camouflage.
Snake's Nightmare Mini-game
Save the game immediately after Snake is captured in Groznyj Grad. Do not overwrite this file. When you load it, you can play the Snake's Nightmare mini-game.
Sneaking Camouflage
Return to the locker where you originally stuffed Major Raidenkov into. This can only be done after you get your equipment from EVA under the waterfall. When you return to the locker and open it, instead of Raidenkov's body being inside, you will find the Sneaking Suit. Put on the mask and the Sneaking Suit for some old fashioned 1960's Raiden action.
Note: Across from the suit and about two doors down is a worker's costume. This will allow you to plant the C3 with no trouble, as the entire room is full of them; do not use the mask as they will recognize that Ivan is dead.
Special Snake
When you are fighting The Boss at the field of daffodils, throw a grenade anywhere when you get the chance. If you hear the sound of an animal turning into a ration, put your thermal goggles on and look for the ration with a special snake inside. Press Start and look at your food. If you picked it up, you will have a snake named after one of the sons of Big Boss. You can eat it, and he loves it. If you do not find a ration or hear a sound, throw another grenade. Eventually you will get one. They are mostly near the rocks.
Spider Camouflage
The Fear's Spider camouflage is one of the best in the game. It will raise your camo up to 75 to 80 no matter where you are, but there is a catch. When wear it, the camo will drain your stamina. It is best to only use it when absolutely needed.
Sprinting Guard
In Groznyj Grad 1F immediately after you meet up with Eva in the waterfall, when u go through the door you will hear someone saying "Move!" and shooting. When you go closer, you will see two guards. One guard is running back and forth and the other is shooting in the air and screaming "Sprint!" and "On the double!"
Stealth Camouflage
Find and shoot the hidden frog in every area to unlock the Stealth camouflage.
Suggestive Eva Comments
After the motorcycle crashes, shoot Eva with a dart. This will make her say things like, "mmm? thats the spot..." and "Ohh... Snake that feels so good?".
Syphon Filter And Splinter Cell References
When you play Snake vs. Monkey for the first time, listen to the conversation between Snake and Colonel Campbell. Snake will suggest to send Gabe (referring to Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter) or Sam (referring to Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell) to do the mission. They are all spies.
Tusuchinoko Animal And Infinite Face Paint
A mousetrap is required for this trick. While you are fighting Ocelot, notice that there is a tree that is cut off with branches sticking out the side that you can also climb. Remember this tree and what it looks like. Then, go to Graniny Gorki South (immediately after the Ponizovje Warehouse). Graniny Gorki South is a huge area filled with trees. Find it that tree in the north, if you are coming from the Ponizovje Warehouse exit. When you find it, there should be a lot of bushes nearby. Take your mousetrap and lay it down in the bushes, mostly near that tree though. Place it about an inch of screen length away from that tree. Lay it down and look at the ground. If done correctly, you should see a rabbit hit the mousetrap first. Lay down on the floor and crawl to pick up your mousetrap again (like a claymore mine), and get the animal as well. Then, get up, and put your mousetrap down again. It does not have to be in the exact location, but close enough. Then, instead of looking down, run around the forest until you hear the noise of a captured animal. Run back. pick up the animal, and it should be a snake. Keep repeating this process until you get the Tusuchinoko. There should be a rabbit, two snakes, a squirrel, another snake, another squirrel, then the Tusuchinoko. Dispose of all of them or eat them to fit the Tusuchinoko, because they are alive and take up space. When you retrieve it, do not look in your food items area. Call Major Zero immediately. He will tell you information that you may need to know. Keep it alive in the cage (do not eat it). If you keep it alive through the entire game, when everything is completed and your ranking appears at the end, you should notice that you now have the Infinite Face Paint.
Note: Use the following trick to keep the Tusuchinoko when you lose the food when Snake gets captured at Groznyj Grad. When you find EVA at Tikhogornyj, behind Waterfall area she will give you your backpack, Equip your MK22. Notice that in your food Items, you do not have the Tusuchinoko. This is why you must hurry and go back out of the waterfall. When your out of the waterfall, stay on the trail that you came out of from the waterfall (on the right side of the river). Follow it down till you see the Tusuchinoko squirming on the floor. Quickly shoot it with the MK22. Grab it and make sure that it is in a cage and still alive. Take it through the rest of the game alive without eating it, and you will get the Infinite Face Paint.
Using The Single Action Army
In order to kill anyone with the Single Action Army, do not to shoot the enemy, but instead shoot behind the enemy. The Single Action Army ricochets. Shooting behind the enemy will cause the bullets to bounce back and hit him. When you equip the Single Action Army revolver, go into first person view and move the Right Analog-stick in circles to spin it.
Watch Intermission Sequence Through Snake's Eyes
At specific points during some intermission sequences, the caption "R1" will appear for a moment at the upper right corner. Pressing this will allow you to see through Snake's eyes during that exact moment, giving you a unique perspective and occasionally allow you to see something hidden. Sometimes, but not always, you will even be able to move around your view with the Left Analog-stick (for example, at the beginning of Operation Snake Eater when you are in the jet, look up to see a hidden picture of a model). Note: Pressing X will skip the intermission sequence.
Wound Ocelot
After you complete the game, you should get a Single Action Army or a Patriot. Play the game again until Snake fights Ocelot (in movie mode) for the first time. When Ocelot and all of his guards are passed out, shoot Ocelot in the leg once (Single Action Army recommended). If done correctly, when you fight him in the game he will have a bandage around his leg. You can also kill him, and the Colonel will come on and say something funny about not killing him because you need him for the future.
Zombie Face Paint
The Zombie Face Paint is located in Rassvet. It is behind the building where you meet Sokolov and EVA, and next to the two barrels.
Note: It can only be found while in Operation Snake Eater.

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