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Note: The "World" indicates the first world this is found in:

Mighty Blow1Essential for fighting
Second Strike1Not needed if you use the Mighty Blow for most of your attacks
Furious Spin Attack3Good for attacking multiple enemies

Defeating Achille And Demon Queen
This is the hardest fight in the game. It is essential to have the Gold Shield . When you start the fight, run as close as possible to Achille. When he looks like he is going to attack, put up your shield and block him. When you can attack. do a thrust attack. After you hit him he will say "Back off" and a sphere of purple energy will fly out. Do not worry, as this does not hurt you. When you get up, immediately do a double jump then run in for the attack. Once you do another thrust attack on Achille, he will have a big replica that cannot be hit. Do not try to hit this thing -- only repeat what it says on the forcefield guarding Achille . After this, four energy ray guns will appear from the floor. Achille then starts to regain his life. Attack these guns as fast as possible. Try using your shield because it can be used to hit things from a distance. Once this happens three times, Achille's power will run out of his staff and turn it into a brutal weapon. All you have to do at this part is to use thrust attack after thrust attack. Once Achille is gone you will have to fight the Demon Queen. She is very easy. When you fight her, the whole room will be pitch black and all you will be able to see is her eyes. She will approach you. Jump and strike the stone in her forehead to defeat her.
Defeating Captain Cadaver
This is a very easy battle. To defeat him, knock him onto the grates on the floor until he starts to try to get out. Then, kneel (L2) and press Square. This will knock him out of the grate, causing damage. This Boss is not very difficult and only has a few attacks. For most of his attacks, just use your shield to block them. For others, such as when he shoots at you, use timed jumps.
Defeating Enemies
Use the following tactics to defeat the corresponding enemy.
Note: For all enemies lying on the ground, do a jumping sword slam to kill them instantly, except for the Scimitar Pirates as you will take damage unless they are lying on their front.

    Blue Skeletons: Overhead slash works best.
    Red Skeletons: Thrust with sword.
    Pike-Wielding guards: Throw a shield from afar to remove their armor, then attack up close.
    Scimitar Wielding Pirates: Jump over them to momentarily confuse them, then attack from behind.
    Yetis: Run in very close and slash. They will not touch you.
    Ghosts: Stand still, then hit them as if they were a baseball.
Defeating Ghastly Gus
Do a downward strike (X, X, Triangle) until he falls, then do a thrust strike (hold any direction and press Triangle). Stay out of the hole in the middle of the stage. It is "dead ground" and will slow you down and cause damage. Since Gus is so large, he is rather slow. You can use this to your advantage. When the battle begins, run away from him so that he does not chase and attack you. When he flings boulders, simply run in a curve and they will not hit you. After that, he will smash the ground with his shovel. Perform a double-jump over the shockwave that is created. While he is yelling, perform a downward strike (X, X, Triangle) on his foot. Perform another while he is yelling (this time in pain) to knock him over. Perform a thrust attack. Repeat this to defeat him.
Defeating Lakor Bas
When he shrinks, keep jumping away from him (X, X). After that, he will send out some little voodoo dolls. Hit as many as you can until he starts shooting at you. The best way to destroy these little guys is a spin attack (Square, then rotate the Analog-stick counterclockwise). After that, he will split up and start running around. Hit all of them until there is one remaining. Then, do a thrust strike (hold any direction and press Triangle). Repeat this and you will be victorious.
Defeating Lord Gutterscum
This is the easiest Boss in the game, Make sure you go into the battle with Armageddon (the purple sword power-up). When he stops moving, run around him and hit him in his fanny with a thrust attack. Repeat this and he will be defeated. This fight is easy because he just stays in one location -- it just requires timed jumps.
Gallery Mode
Collect the Sorceress kiss at the end of each level. Seat each of the four kisses to a power-up position. Once the game is completed, the art gallery will be unlocked.
Hidden Chest Locations In Grave Danger

    Chest 1: Directly to the left of the starting point.

    Chest 2: Face the gate where you need a gold key to get to the next part of the level. It is directly behind you. Walk up to the tree behind you and press X(2) to do a double jump.

    Chest 3: Located atop the platform behind the spot where the three skeletons jump up and where there are two coins in a grave. You must jump on a tombstone that is closest to the platform. It is an iron chest that holds the Flame Tongue sword enchantment.

    Chest 4: After you run around the pit of lava, there is a chest on the right side of the tree, if you face it. It is on the opposite side of the chest that holds a red potion.

    Chest 5: Located on the left of the two platforms that you must jump across.

    Chest 6: Located to the left of the gate with the broken right side. The chest contains an extra life.

    Chest 7: Located in the part where there is a ax throwing skeleton. It is in the ground, next to a lone rock.

Item Power-ups
The following is a list of power-ups for Maximo's sword, shield, and other items:

Koin---Increase Koin inventory by one
Koin Bag---Increase Koin inventory by five
Diamond---Increase Koin inventory by ten
Spirit---After collecting 50 you get a Death coin
Death coin---Allows you to continue after you lose all lives
Heart150Increase lives by one
Key---Allows you to open iron locks and chests
Gold Key---Allows you to open gold locks
Green Bottle---Partially restores life bar
Red Bottle50Fully restores life bar
Shield Charge---Restores five units of shield meter
Sword Charge150Restores five units of any sword enchantment
Armor100Adds additional life bar, up to three max; after three you get gold armor for 20 seconds
Foot Cheese500Allows you to walk freely on ground that may have skeleton hands
Monogram boxers300Boxers with an "M" on the front
Pow Boxers300Boxers with the word "POW" on the front
Cow Boxers300Boxers with a cow pattern
Mystery150Random chosen item
Iron Shield----Default shield that game starts with
Silver Shield160Shield with 15 strength units
Gold Shield300Shield with 20 strength units

Mastery Level
Achieve a 100% mastery ranking to unlock the Mastery level. To master a level, you must kill every enemy and find every hidden chest.
Other Abilities

Note: The "World" indicates the first world this is found in:

Increased Armor2Allows you to have 4 life bars
Mask Of Sorrow2Can run through enemies when you have gold armor
Lenore's Kiss---Defeat the first Boss to obtain this
Mamba Maries Kiss ---Defeat the second Boss to obtain this
Aurora Lee's Kiss---Defeat the third Boss to obtain this
Sephonie's Kiss---Defeat the fourth Boss to obtain this

Shield Abilities

Note: The "World" indicates the first world this is found in:

Throw Shield1Allows you to throw your shield
Mighty Throw3Must have the throw shield; allows you to throw shield a great distance
Hover Shield3Must have throw shield
Shield Of Midas1Essential for collecting
Shield Of Storms3Excellent for fighting enemies; best shield power up you can have
Shield Of Thunder4Hurts enemies when they attack you

Sword Abilities

Note: The "World" indicates the first world this is found in:

Magic Bolt1Requires sword enchantment; fire different projectiles; 2 power units per use
Doomstrike1Powerful, also requires sword enchantment; 4 sword power units per use
Gold Seeker2Shockwave from your downward strike allows you to uncover secret chests
Long Sword2Sword becomes longer
Wider Shockwave3Increases the size of shockwave from downward strike
Ring Of Pain5Shockwave from a downward strike causes damage

Sword Enchantments

Note: The "World" indicates the first world this is found in:

Flame Tongue1Powers up your blade strength
Pure Blade2Kill skeletons in one slash
Frostbiter3Freezes enemies
Armageddon4Strongest enchantment in the game; kills any enemy (except Bosses) in one hit

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Infinite JumpsCE992FFE BCA99B83
Infinite ShieldCE99283E BCA99B8D
Infinite Sword EnergyCE99283A BCA99B97
Infinite Time Super ArmorCE992800 BCA9DF16
99 Death CoinsCE992836 BCA99BE6
99 Iron KeysCE99282A BCA99BE6
99 LivesCE992826 BCA99BE6
999 KoinsCE992822 BCA99E6A
999 SpiritsCE99282E BCA99E6A
Always Have Gold KeyCE9928C2 BCA99B84
Armageddon on Weapon-UpCE992812 BCA99B87
Boxers on Armor-UpCE99281A BCA99B83
Flame Tongue on Weapon-UpCE992812 BCA99B84
Frost Biter on Weapon-UpCE992812 BCA99B85
Helmet on Armor-UpCE99281A BCA99B85
Pure Blade on Weapon-UpCE992812 BCA99B86
Super Armor on Armor-UpCE99281A BCA99B86

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