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When you are fighting in the arena, it is easier to equip the Scatter Gun (because of the large blast radius) and shoot or punch your enemies into the lava. They will die instantly, and you can focus on other attackers.
Cannot Switch Hover Zones
When you are in the section of Haven City called New Haven City, go to the sewers to turn on the switch. Go back the way that you came by going up the elevator. After doing this, try to get to the Freedom HQ. You will not be able to. Do not switch hover zones, because you will fall into a deep abyss. After going back into the city you will have to save somewhere else in that the New Haven City section. If you do not do this, it will remain that way.
Cheat Mode
Spend the following amount of Precursor Orbs at the "Secret" screen to unlock the corresponding cheat option.
Note: The options will not be available for purchase until after the indicated Act is completed:

    Bad Weather: 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Big Head Mode: 3 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Blaster Damage Upgrade: 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-9)
    Dark Jak Invisibility: 25 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Fast Movies: 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Increased Blaster Gun Ammo Capacity: 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-17)
    Increased Peace Maker Ammo Capacity: 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-19)
    Increased Scatter Gun Ammo Capacity: 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-17)
    Increased Vulcan Fury Ammo Capacity: 4 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-24)
    Infinite Ammo: 50 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Infinite Dark Jak: 50 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Infinite Light Jak: 50 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Infinite Vehicle Turbos: 30 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-25)
    Invulnerability: 100 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Jak 3 Model Viewer: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Jak And Daxter Model Viewer: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-24)
    Jak 2 Model Viewer: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-25)
    Mega Scrap Book: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 3-11)
    Mirror World: 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Peace Maker Increased Radius: 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-19)
    Rachet And Clank Gun Courses: 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-12)
    Scatter Gun Rate-Of-Fire Upgrade: 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-9)
    Scrap Book: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-24)
    Slow Movies: 5 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Small Head Mode: 3 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Toggle Jak's Goatee: 2 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-1)
    Upgrade Vehicle Toughness: 15 Precursor Orbs (Act 2-14)
    Vulcan Fury Damage Upgrade: 6 Precursor Orbs (Act 1-17)
Damas And Jak
When Damas is trapped underneath the dozer when you get to the palace ruins, he will tell you who his son is. It is Jak, but Damas calls him Mar. The legendary Mar is thus none other than Jak.
Defeating Cyber Errol

Note: The Arc Wielder Robot Shock upgrade is recommended for this level. First, Errol will launch grenades at you. They are very easy to dodge. Keep running and do not stop. Next, he will launch a swarm of KG bots. Take out the Arc Wielder or any rapid-fire weapon to destroy them. He will launch two waves at you. After those two waves, a small robot with a green jewel on it will appear from a blue duct. Take out the Blaster and fire until it falls, then spin kick it into the duct where it came from. The robot will explode and damage Errol. The battle will remain the same, only the grenades Errol launches will emit a shockwave when they hit the ground, and he will launch a flurry of regular grenades, creating holes in the floor. Also, when Errol's meter is red, Dark Makers will come out of the ducts instead of KG bots. Be careful, as they can do a lot of damage to you if you are not careful. Use the Plasmite RPG or Dark Jak Dark strike to take them out.

When fighting Errol in the War Factory, he will be on a higher platform than you are, standing over a circle thing in the wall. Defeat all of the enemies that he throws at you that come out of the four holes on the walls. Then, a machine will come out of one of the four holes. Hit the one that is under where Errol is standing. It will take out one fourth of his health. After doing this three more times you will defeat him.

When you are fighting Errol in the last mission when he is in the Terraformer. there are two parts to defeating him. One is destroying the things on the legs of the Terraformer. This will require some time, as the legs keep moving. It will throw enemies at you, and you must shoot it while driving around the desert. After destroying the legs, the body of the Terraformer will land in front of Spargus City's gate. From there you will climb the body onto a big platform where you will fight Errol for the last time. He is now using the head of the Terraformer. First, destroy the tentacles that come out of the platform. Then, destroy the enemies. Next, jump over the laser that sweeps over the platform. After that, you will have a chance to shoot at the back of the head. After a few times, his health meter will be at the yellow or red level. Errol will start to smash the head onto the platform. Dodge this and keep destroying and jumping over the laser. Once you make the last shot, you will see an intermission sequence showing Jak shooting the head destroying the Terraformer.

Defeating The Precursor Robot
First, the robot will use an energy sword to zap you, swinging from side to side. Just jump over it. Next, he will launch little multiplying spider things at you. Do a 360 Rapid Fire Combo with the Beam Reflexor to take them out. Then, he will shoot lasers at the ground, bringing up some pillars. Wait until they cool and jump to the highest one, dodging the blasts that the robot fires at you. You will find some mine carts. Shoot at them until one falls on the robot's head. Repeat this and you win the Arc Wielder and Act 2.
Defending Spargus City's Front Gate
In the mission where you have to defend Spargus's front gate, the best car to use is the Dune Hopper or Dust Demon because of their grenade launchers. They should take out the Catapult Launcher in two hits.
Light Eco
Around the corner from Krew's garage in Spargus City, you will find a Light Eco Vent. Also in Spargus City, there are rats running around that will give you Dark Eco and very rarely Light Eco.
When go down into the catacombs where the palace used to be, once you get to the core you will be at the planet's defense system. After talking to one of the Light Precursors, the doors in front of you will open. You will then see that the Precursors are really Ottsels like Daxter. They just made up the big and powerful statues because they were very small.
Two Wastelanders Fighting
Go into the Wastelander City and shoot one of the Wastelanders. They will begin to shoot at you. Quickly run behind another Wastelander, and the one you shot will continue trying to shoot you, causing him to shoot the one that you are hiding behind. They both will begin shooting each other until one dies.

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