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Antarctica Stage
In arcade mode level 100, defeat Leopaldan to unlock the Antarctica stage.
Play As EX Characters
In arcade mode level 100 and higher, EX characters will challenge you. Defeat them to unlock them.
Play As Kakusei Sol And Kakusei Ky
Play Scramble in RK II Factory on the normal difficulty setting. Finish the last stage with a score of 1,500,000 or greater. Robo Ky II Substance will appear. Defeat him to unlock Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky.
Play As Leopaldon
In arcade mode level 199, defeat Leopaldon to unlock him.
Play As Zako 1, 2, And 3
Defeat Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky in GG Boost mode on the last stage to unlock Zako 1, 2, and 3.

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