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Gameshark GTC Africa Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE8B7446 BCBD004A
999 Points P1C13B1F92 BCA99E6A
Unlock Speed Pursuit 1 ChallengeC13B0BEA BCA99B84
Unlock Downhill 1 ChallengeC13B09FE BCA99B84
Unlock Timed Catch Up ChallengeC13B0882 BCA99B84
Unlock Hillclimb 1 ChallengeC13B0F96 BCA99B84
Unlock Timed Pursuit 1 ChallengeC13B0E9A BCA99B84
Unlock Speed Pursuit 2 ChallengeC13B0DAE BCA99B84
Unlock Timed Pursuit 2 ChallengeC13B0CB2 BCA99B84
Unlock Downhill 2 ChallengeC13B0346 BCA99B84
Unlock Point To Point 1 ChallengeC13B024A BCA99B84
Unlock Checkpoint ChallengeC13B015E BCA99B84
Unlock Hillclimb 2 ChallengeC13B0062 BCA99B84
Unlock Downhill 3 ChallengeC13B0776 BCA99B84
Unlock Performance ChallengeC13B067A BCA99B84
Unlock Overtake Pursuit ChallengeC13B050E BCA99B84
Unlock Point To Point 2 ChallengeC13B0412 BCA99B84
Disable Timer and OpponentsCE85537E BCA99B83
Unlock All ChampionshipsC13B14CA BCA99B86
Unlock All Cars For Single RaceC13B1906 BCA99B8C
Unlock All Cars For Team LithiumC13B1FAA BCA99B87
Unlock All Cars For Team All StarsC13B1E3E BCA99B87
Unlock All Cars For Team CobraC13B1C42 BCA99B87
Unlock All Cars For Team Tech-XC13B13D6 BCA99B87
Unlock All Cars For Team Pro-RacingC13B115A BCA99B87
Unlock All Cars For Team TornadoC13B10EE BCA99B87
Start on Lap 30EA03902 BCA99B84
CEA03902 BCA99B86
Start on Lap 40EA03902 BCA99B84
CEA03902 BCA99B87
Start on Lap 50EA03902 BCA99B84
CEA03902 BCA99B88

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