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Gameshark Gadget Racers Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)EC878264 143C6FFC
Infinite Money1CB65538 17E9C70C
All O Licenses4CA3AC70 1456E7A6
4CA3ACB0 1456E7A6
4CA3ACF0 1456E7A6
4CA3AF30 1456E7A6
4CA3AF70 1456E7A6
4CA3AFB0 1456E7A6
4CA3AFF0 1456E7A6
4CA3AE30 1456E7A6
4CA3AE70 1456E7A6
4CA3AEB0 1456E7A6
All P Licenses4CA3AEF0 1456E7A6
4CA3B130 1456E7A6
4CA3B170 1456E7A6
4CA3B1B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B1F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B030 1456E7A6
4CA3B070 1456E7A6
4CA3B0B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B0F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B330 1456E7A6
All Q Licenses4CA3B370 1456E7A6
4CA3B3B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B3F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B230 1456E7A6
4CA3B270 1456E7A6
4CA3B2B0 1456E7A6
4CA3B2F0 1456E7A6
4CA3B530 1456E7A6
4CA3B570 1456E7A6
4CA3B5B0 1456E7A6

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