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Gameshark Formula One 2001 Hacks
Master Code (Must Be On)EC8A5020 142DC024
Start on 11th Lap0C03689C 1456E7A6
4C03689C 1456E7A0
0C04DEDC 1456E7A6
4C04DEDC 1456E7A0
Instantly Win 11 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E7A0
4C04DEDC 1456E7A0
Instantly Win 12 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E799
4C04DEDC 1456E799
Instantly Win 13 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E79A
4C04DEDC 1456E79A
Instantly Win 14 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E79B
4C04DEDC 1456E79B
Instantly Win 15 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E79C
4C04DEDC 1456E79C
Instantly Win 16 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E7B5
4C04DEDC 1456E7B5
Instantly Win 17 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E7B6
4C04DEDC 1456E7B6
Instantly Win 18 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E7B7
4C04DEDC 1456E7B7
Instantly Win 19 Lap Race4C03689C 1456E7B8
4C04DEDC 1456E7B8

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