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At the game selection screen, press Up, Down, Up, Down, L1, L2, L1, L2 to unlock all games.
Easy Win In Wishi-Washi
Walk left and right in front of the camera in hard mode to wash a lot of windows and get a very high score.
Easy Wins
Put your entire hand over the camera's lens.
Extra Tracks In Boogie Down
Get a high score on Boogie Down to unlock more tracks.
Hit Enemies Easier In Kung Foo
Get some kind of stick or pole and hit the enemies with that. Do not keep swinging, but see what you are actually hitting.
Rainbow Effect
While in the Rainbow play room, press Circle to change how the effect works. It is somewhat inversed and is interesting to see.
See Infrared From Remote Control
Take a remote control from a television or other device use it on the Eye Toy. You will see the infrared light that is normally invisible to the naked eye.
Wrong Dialog
When playing the Boxing game on any difficulty setting in the Japanese version of the game, either get a good score or knock out the robot. After the match, the trainer who helps you will say "You'll make that robot...", but the on-screen subtitles clearly read "That'll make that robot..."

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