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All Tasks Completed
At the game modes screen, press R1(2), L1, Left(2), Down, Circle, R1, Circle, L1, Up, Right, Circle, Down, Left(2), Circle, R1, Down, Up. Exit that screen, then enter the cheat menu from the main menu. All tasks should now be marked as completed. All cheats can now unlocked individually by selecting them. After doing so, you can go to the team selection screen to choose any previously locked team, select the previously locked jerseys, and play the air hockey, mini-rink, pond hockey, and speed hockey mini-games.
Easier Rewards
To unlock more rewards on a higher difficulty level, go to "General Options" and choose the desired difficulty. Then, go to "Advanced Options" and turn down the CPU skills while turning up the human skills.
Easier Scoring
To get a goal easier, do a wrap round. Go to the other side of the goalie and shoot.
Note: This does not always work.
Easier Wins
Go into "Roster Manager", and "Trade Players". For example, if you want the New Jersey Devils to win frequently, select their team, press Triangle, then cycle through the teams. Look for very good players (90+ overall) and select a couple of them. Trade them for players on the Devils such as Gionta or Stevenson, who are not very good. Even if you trade a 70 overall person for a 90+ person, the CPU will accept. When you are done, go back to the "Roster Manager" screen, select "Player Status", select the Devils, and scroll down the player names. Dress the players so they can play. Then, return to the roster manager screen once again. Go into "Edit Lines", change the lines, and put your players from the other teams into lines.
Players Never Retire
Change the age of your players by going to "Edit Player" in a franchise. You can make them younger so they never retire.

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