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Attacking Red Armored Opponents
Do not attack people with red armor. Your magic will still do the damage, but green magic missiles will shoot back at you. Also your dragon's fireballs and specials will also result in the green magic missiles being shot back. To successfully dodge them, press L1 or R1 to stride to the left and right while on your dragon or on foot.
Controlling Weapons Or Magic
When you hit enemies, use the Left Analog-stick to make a quick turn on every hit to enemies that want to attack you from the back.
Dragon Upgrade
At 55,000 experience for the dragon it will upgrade to level 2.
Easy Experience
Use a weapon that does little damage and bash into a large group of enemies with a lot of other enemies near. Then, hit them with the weapon or magic to make a lot of hit combos. The larger the hits combo you make, the more experience points you will get.
Easy Health
To get easy health, simply kill one of the large groups of enemies of about six to ten soldiers, in the X, square or octagon formation. A small health should appear when you have finished them.
Easy Kills
In the first or second mission, find a group of weak soldiers (the small ones in gray) and use your magic attack once (Triangle is default). Then, hit them with your sword or ax. To see if it worked, press L3 to see their health.

For an easy dash attack kill, walk fast until you run (with dashed sign when you already run), then press Attack at an enemy group. If you have powerful weapon on the correct location, you can kill all the enemies with one blow. This works on all enemies.

For an easy earthquake blow kill, walk fast until you run (with white dashed sign when you already run), then press Jump then Attack at an enemy group. If you have a powerful weapon on the correct location, you can kill all the enemies with one blow. This works on all enemies.

Attack enemies until you get the last flashing (on the weapon) combo attack. Press Triangle to get a bigger attack on the enemies.

Kill the group Leader first before you kill other enemies in the group. The leader is marked with a yellow dot. After that, the ability of the enemies will decrease and they will be easier to kill.

Focus on one enemy when attacking using the dragon in ground missions. After attacking one or number of group enemies, do a passing move off them slightly, then press L1 + R1 to do an 180 degree turn. Then, attack them again. Do this until they are killed. It is easier to focusing on them if you move the Left Analog-stick Up.

Fly A Jet
Successfully complete the Shinjuku free mission. Then, select sky mission mode and highlight the Chaos Dragon at the dragon selection screen. Press Down and select the "???" option to fly a jet.
Stronger Weapon
Do the expedition event and kill all the enemies with your weapon.
Weapons From Treasure Boxes
In every ground level when you kill everyone, except the targets, the game will state that a treasure box has appeared. Press R3 and your map will show you where, in a blue shaped box. Each treasure box on ground levels like this gives you a weapon:

    Elf Village: Victors Spoils (spear)
    First castle level environs: Hunters Blade
    Ice third level: Poison Glaive

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