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Invisible To Deer
At the main menu, press Square, Triangle, R1, L1(6), Left, Right, Up, Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of the deer caller.
Kill A Rabbit
When you are hunting and see something scurry, hop, or run by, shoot at it. It will let out a squeal and die.
Kill A Raccoon
Go by water and walk around until you see a raccoon. Aim and shoot it.
Note: You cannot claim it.
Killing Deer With A Bow
This trick is useful when you playing a season and are required to use a bow to hunt a high point deer that keeps running away from you. Get a gun with a scope. Aim in front of or at the deer (depending if it is moving or not). Switch to the bow and do not move your hunter at all. Aim with your bow and shoot. The same thing can be done at the target range.

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