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Bosch's Combos

    Twin Wake: Snakebite + Lion Smash

    Press R2 + Circle and repeatedly press X. You will do a more potent amount of damage when you hit your last move.

Easy Battle
Use the following trick for an easy battle when ganged by Rangers after the Ice levels. If you were wise and did not use your Dragon Change during easy battles then you are in luck. Beat down the first wave and do not go into dragon form. In the second battle, you will face a machine. While it is strong, it is easy to take out as long as you use Nina's Fragball spell. In the last battle, you will face the commander. This is a difficult battle. She hits hard and fast. Become the Dragon, kill her partners, then kill her. She will die and drop a very nice sword for Ryu.
Easy Experience
Once you gain access to the Ko-Kan Horay, you can battle the monsters there as much as desired. Use a little party experience to put everyone up to around level 10 so that you can easily pass through the first few levels. Make sure you have a lot of good skills. The following are recommended for each character:


    Legend Blade +1 (can be purchased from Faerie Village, unless you have better)
    Level 1: Slice, Side Slash, Dent Armor
    Level 2: Discharge, Vert Slash, Spiritcharge
    Level 3: Roundsabre, Circle Stage, Great Smash


    Wizard Wand +2 (Faerie Villige, unless better)
    Level 1: Flare, Frost, Jolt
    Level 2: Fireblast, Iceblast, Lightning
    Level 3: Inferno, Blizzard, Lag Valhalla


    Gernade +1 (Faerie Village, unless better)
    Level 1: Hey Hey!, Hows that?, There!
    Level 2: Stay here!, Thats it! ,Take that!
    Level 3: Shatter!, Blow up!, Let's Dance!

Also, make sure to have about five pages in your backpack and stock them with around 20 Aid Kits, 10 Med Kits, 10 Tonics, and whatever else desired. You should not have to use all of them, but it is good to be safe. Buy the armor from Faerie Village that prevents all status effects and equip it to everyone. Make everyone have a shield with an open slot and place Feint in each one. If you make it down to around level 20 to 25, exit and repeat. You should gain around 8,500 party experience each run through. It should only cost about 1,500 to bring everyone up to level 10 at the beginning. You can go further if you think you can make it; however, try to save up your party experience. Once you have about 120,000 party experience or more, you should be able to go all the way through the dungeon.

Easy Money
This trick requires the Fairy Bank and the Foreign money policy of Mils. Buy Mils when they are very low (for example, 85-110Z). Then, fight a few battles and return. If the Mils are not worth over 180Z, fight more battles until they are. You can start off with 30,000Z and end up with 110,000Z. Also, after you recruit Lin and are back in Lowsector Borough, go into the newly opened room. Explore all the rooms. When you find a room with someone stuck in it, they will give you Fairy Drops. Sell those to a item shop, then find the person again. They will give you more. Keep selling them to get lots of money.
Note: This will take a long time.
Easy Skills
If you have a shop in the Ant Village and proceeded far in the game, restart with all the items you currently have and fight constantly. If you fight enough, the shop will have new skills that will be useful. It is essential to get Nina's Fire Blast and Ice Blast spells along with Ryu's Status Effect attacks. This also works well with weapons for your team.
Lin's Combos
    Bind: There! + Stay There!
    Steal: Greetings + C'mere!
    Stungun: That's It + Stay there!
    Thats it! (more powerful version): There!+Take That! =
    Lowers Attack: Hey Hey! + Hows That?
    Lowers Defense: There! + Hows That?
No Shield With Bosch
In the beginning, at the last battle before you lose Bosch, put explosion on his shield and he will lose it during the battle. Then, Bosch will have no shield.
Ryu's Best Sword
Ryu's best sword is the Dragon Blade. It can be found after you have completed the game the first time through. If you have a caf, one of the ants sitting there will tell you that there is a strange weapon in the Genetic Processor. When you go through the Genetic Processor with Bosch, you will see Odjn. Stay in that room and go the opposite direction of the exit door. You should see stairs going down. Go down the stairs and you will be on the ground instead of the platform. Keep going until you see a sword sticking out of the ground. It will be glowing. Pick it up and it will say "Sword ???". Get it appraised and you will have the Dragon Sword. It has no special moves, but it is strong and has all slots empty.
Ryu's Combos
    X Slash: Sideslash + Verticalslash

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