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Aiming At Multiple Enemies
When enemies are close, you can actually attack them depending on your character's attacking arc. Some are large while others are small but ranged. Go to the position that you would like to attack from. Hold R1 and aim the arc at the enemies. Move the arc left or right to aim properly until you get "targets" above the enemies you want to attack. Sometimes you must quit aiming and move slightly to aim properly. Some require very slight adjustments; turn very slowly.
Better Aiming
To aim better without moving from your current position, when controlling your character, hold R1 during a battle. An arc will appear. The highlighted arc shows the range where you can attack. Aim at the enemy and attack.
Burst Blade
When fighting against Darkham and his bodyguards, defeat Darkham first for Kharg's Burst Blade, which nearly doubles his attack arc width.
Chest Behind Dog In Milmarma
You will need to have a bone to give to the dog, Rover. It can be obtained by checking the two rocks behind the old man in the small land platform leading to the palace. You will not get any item. It is just charity work to help little Rover get a new owner.
Dealing More Damage
Attacking the enemies from behind deals more damage than from up front. Use that angle of attack whenever possible.
Deikbeck Impostors

Note: This can only be done as Kharg. When you encounter the impostors, they will ask if you believe that they are the real Deikbeck. Even though their names are spelled slightly different, do not believe them and choose the second answer. The first impostor is located in Parenz Ruins, while looking for the three materials required for the Tele-Op. You can find the impostor in the middle left corner of the area behind a large metal wall. You will get a Shadow Talisman. The second impostor is located in Peisus library. Once you have obtained the Lamda Sutra and have gone out, go back to the library. Go into the place where you got the Lamba Sutra and meet the second impostor. Tell him that you do not believe him and he will give you a quiz. Answer ten questions correctly and you will get a Spirit Amulet. Answer at least one correctly and you will get a Neuro Charge (can be bought in a shop inside the Flying Fortress) for your airship. The ten answers to the questionnaire from the Diekbeck imposter in the Library are as follows:

    A Cat
    Beautiful Stones
    How Much To Spend On the Entrants' Lunches
    A Pair of Dice
    The Shinobi Gang
    Lakelta Deimos
    A Pipe

You will get a Diek Screw (makes Diekbeck very fast) if you answer less than five correctly, a Neutrino Chage (for Airship) and Clivis's Book (rids player of all abnormal status) if you answer between five and ten, and the Spirit Amulet (blocks Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Light attacks for Kharg to equip) if you answer all ten.

Dragon's Wrath And Storm Medallion
When you fight the two giant dragons in Darc's story, kill the Golden Dragon for a Dragon's Wrath, which puts Darc's counterattack to 100, or the Silver Dragon for a Storm Medallion. If you want both items, take the extra time to steal from one dragon after killing the first.
Easy Experience
When in a battle and there are stumps, crates, etc., attack and destroy them. Sometimes you will get items and Spirit Stones. It is worth the extra effort because even if it is empty, you get experience and SP for them.
Get More Skill/magic
When certain characters "class up" at the end of the battle screen, this indicates you can learn new skill or magic. Go to the menu, select the character that "classed up" and select "Skill". The magic/skill menu will appear, displaying both the learned magic/skill and skill/magics that have not been learned. Choose the one you want to learn and pay the "SP cost" to get it.
Note: You get SP by attacking and , killing enemies.
Golem Mask And Stuffed Bear
When you fight Bebedora and her two Altimas, it is a good idea to either kill the Altimas or steal from them to make sure you get Bebedora's Stuffed Bear and Maru's Golem Mask.
Use the following trick to get ten free Herbs. In Chapter 1 of Darc's story, after you get Densimo into your party go to the entrance of Gorma's House. Look to the left, and you will see a yellow skinny Orcon walking around. Talk to him and he will note that Densimo is in your party, causing him to start talking about the five Wonders of Orcoth. Pretend that you care about what he says and say that you will listen. He will ask you a few f times if you are still interested in listening. Lie and say "Yes". Eventually he will ask you how many words were in the spiel he just gave. Choose the one that reads 600-800 (the fourth choice) and he will give you ten Herbs.
Note: You must do this while Densimo is in your party. Doing it before or after results in you obtaining nothing.
When fighting enemies such as the Delzweld soldiers, defeat the commanders first. They often carry equipment you can use or sell.

When you fight Cameillia, and afterwards Droguza, find the blue and green boxes on the battle field and break them open before ending the battle. The contents are well worth the effort.

When inside the Flying Castle, do not go directly to the elevators to fight the Divine Ruler. Instead, search each floor for the treasure rooms. There is powerful equipment for every character spread throughout the fortress.

Joint Attack
You can do a joint attack on enemies whenever your character's body is burning with fire. You get this burning effect when you receive a certain amount of damage. When using that character to attack, a nearby ally will team up with you.
Knuckle Guard
When playing as Kharg in the beginning of the game, after going through the entire Banjo, Lloyd, Spirit Stone scenes, go to the bottom-left of Yewbell to the refinery. Talk to the man outside and he will say he is waiting for Banjo so he can unlock the shop. He asks you to go find Banjo. Say "Yes", then go to the item shop. He will be in the upper-right corner. Talk to him, and he will give you the Knuckle Guard. It increases only Kharg's Defense and Guard,and it is a good weapon part at the beginning of the game. When you no longer want it, sell it for 350 G.
New Game+
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "New Game+" option. This allows you to start as Kharg with a King Statuette, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, and 100,000 G; or Darc with a Romantic Stone, 999 Spirit Stones, 3 Diamond Coatings, 10 Bountiful Fruit, 50 Dilzweld Bombs, and 100,000 G.
Play As Choco
Win the 30 round arena trial in Rueloon in Darc's storyline to unlock Choco as a selectable character.
Play As Diekbeck
Win the 30 round arena trial in Cathena in Kharg's storyline to unlock Diekbeck as a selectable character.

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