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Bonus Competitions
When you complete the LOLA World championship, you need $8 million to unlock two more competitions involving the cars you win in one-on-one challenges. The class "B" championship involves all cars from the row with the Mini Cooper S, while the class "A" championship involves the last row of cars with the Tuscan speed 12 and Toyota GT1. Make sure you have as many cars as possible as these race are tricky and you will need a balanced car.
Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes at the bonus screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: Only some codes will work in all games. Other passwords are different from game to game, depending on your bonus number.

    All cars

    Enter "XKIMCF", "LEZEJD", or "SAFREA" as a code.

    All tracks

    Enter "QTRIKX", "TMYTKO", "NIQHLT", "NPXOOY", "MPXOOY", or "HZCGYP" as a code.

    All championships

    Enter "QTRRDJ" as a code.

    All challenges

    Enter "LSDUXH" as a code.

    Pro Race Driver tracks

    Enter "LQJFFA" as a code.

    Realistic handling

    Enter "SIM", "VIBAKH", or "LJLZEL" as a code.

    Enhanced damage

    Enter "DAMAGE" as a code.

    No damage

    Enter "IHHBIV", "OATRYU", or "MMMFJL" as a code.

    View credits

    Enter "CREDITS" or "XQIXCJ" as a code.

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