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Cheat Mode

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "default.ini" file in the "system" folder in the game directory. Find the "[Difficulty]" heading, then change the following values of the indicated lines for the corresponding difficulty setting. Using "0" as a value usually disables that attribute. Start a new game to play with the added effects. This cannot be used with an existing saved game.

    "AI visual acuity multiplier" for how well the AI can see.
    "AI auditory acuity multiplier" for how well the AI can hear.
    "AI tactile acuity multiplier" for how well the AI can feel.
    "AI hitpoints multiplier" for the AI starting hit points.
    "AI-to-player damage multiplier" for how much damage the AI takes.
Defeating Keeper Guards
Use a mine or be extra careful when sniping Keeper Guards. If sniping, you must hit them in the back of the head. If you are stealthy enough, you can try backstabbing them, because the blackjack has no effect on them.
Defeating The Undead
If multiple undead or Hammer Haunts are on a floor, toss down a Holy Water into a doorway. Then, lure the undead to chase you and run across the holy water. The undead will follow, killing themselves on the Holy Water. This is a good way to conserve Holy Waters.
Defeating Zombies
If a Zombie is unaware of you, a single flashbomb will kill it. If it is aware, two are all that is required.
Easy Money
Go to a fence that buys metal and sell all of your loot. Go to your landlord's stash nearby Heartless Perry. Get the purse of coins (worth 50 g), then go around town and pickpocket purses from unsuspecting citizens. Whenever you get a purse it will say it is worth 25 g, but it will actually be worth 50 g. You can only do this once a night. Collect as many purses as you can. Once you sell those purses to a fence, any other purses you collect that night will be worth their regular amount.
Getting To The Sunken Citadel In The Docks
When you first arrive at the docks, go towards the store. Stop immediately after you pass the Quarantine gate. There is a box in front of you. Destroy it. Go down the ladder and follow the stairs.

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