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It is cheaper to buy archer bows and make Archers out of your barracks than it is to hire them from the mercenary post. They both have the same attack rate, defense rate, movement speed, and range.
Conversation Keys
The following is a list of things that will be said to an enemy after the corresponding key is pressed.
Note: The spelling is the same way as it appears when done in the game.

[F6]Help Help
[F7]I win you loose
[F8]Ill string you up
[F9]You Damn Fool
[F10]Mwahaha (Snort) haha
[Ctrl] + [F1]Jack o napes!
[Ctrl] + [F2]Buffoon
[Ctrl] + [F3]Straw Pole
[Ctrl] + [F4]Slubberdagollian
[Ctrl] + [F5]Dastard
[Ctrl] + [F6]Dolt
[Ctrl] + [F7]Lollard
[Ctrl] + [F8]Dotard
[Ctrl] + [F9]Weasel turd
[Ctrl] + [F10]Popinjay
Extra Peasants
Use the following trick to get a lot of extra Peasants (more than the campfire limit of 24) for buying whatever kind of forces you need from the Mercenary Post or Barracks. For example, put your Quarries (3 Peasants each) and Oxen to sleep. There will be that many more in your available amount when buying Swordsman or something else. Then just turn them back on when you are done and they will go back to work. This works if you do not want to wait until your Peasants fill up your campfire again, or you just need them immediately.
Food Management
It is easier to build, manage, and supply Inns rather than food because ale lasts longer. You can use the extra available farm space to build wheat fields and mills to make flour. Once you have flour, you can sell it for a profit or you can make bread and raise your taxes.
General Tips
If your having a difficult time completing a level, try the following tips:

    Try building the basic castle needs, such as a Marketplace, Mercenary Post, Granary, Stockpiles, and Industry Buildings, then save there. It is easier to start at that point, in case your placement of some walls or towers do not work well.

    Pause the game whenever you can to save time. It is very important to build faster than the enemy.

    Keep your money making resources (Food, Rocks, Iron, Pitch, or Weapons) protected, or put walls around them to keep them safe. Capitalize on them whenever you can.

    Create layers of walls around or in front of important towers and other targets that the enemy likes to knock down.

    Horse archers are very useful in this game, especially when aggressing enemy castles with Mongonels to help put big holes in enemy walls and a few swordsman as guard dogs.

    By immediately placing a group of Woodmans Huts around a enemy base, then putting them to sleep, you will block the area and prevent him from building Barracks or a Mercenary Camp. It costs a lot of Wood, but it means they cannot make any troops and therefore very easy to defeat.
    Note: This does not work on the pig.

    When attacking a castle, concentrate on the enemy Barracks. Once destroyed, try to block it from being rebuilt by placing troops over its remains. Again, it makes the enemy easier to defeat without it producing more troops.

    The Ballista is good at holding positions far from the security of your home base. Get a group of about eight built, with approximately twenty Archers and stick a couple Trebuchets in the middle of them. The Trebuchets can attack the enemy castle well protected. If needed, you can always take the six Engineers from them to make three more Ballista when the enemy counterattacks. Ballista are also great at taking out enemy troops on the castle walls, especially fire throwers.

    On several levels there is very little farm land, but you always find at least one resource available (Stone or Iron). Concentrate on the mining and sell it at the market for Food.

    Have both Archers and Crossbowmen on Towers (five each) for a good defense. Add a Ballista on the Tower to make it better as they have a huge range and can even hit attacking Trebuchets.

    To protect farms, etc. outside your walls, build a Tower and a Gate next to each other. This allows you to put Archers in and have them protected from enemy soldiers entering the Tower. You could also destroy stairs to the tower once they are in, as an other option.

    Pikemen are the best troops due to the combination of speed, defense and attack. Knights are far too slow to attack with, but make great defenders.

    In the most difficult levels when the enemy comes at you very early, try to set up a trap. Build strong walls around your land except in one area. Leave an opening and have as many troops as possible covering that area. The enemy often ignore the undefended walls and go for your "weak spot'" Instead, they walk in to a wall of Ballista, Archer, and crossbow fire; and a few Knights for good measure. Do not forget your Lord is also a superb fighter that also can be used.

    It is all a matter of timing. Organize waves of attacking troops, attack with one group, then send in reinforcements. When blocking the enemy from rebuilding its Barracks, your troops will not last long. While they do the blocking, have other sets attacking.

Selling Weapons
You can sell crossbows for more than just wood and can sell swords for more than raw iron.

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