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Control Title Screen Logo
At the title screen, press the direction controls to rotate the "R". Press [Change View] to change the color.
Course Close-up
At the course selection screen, press Up and Down to zoom in and out.
Play As Dr. Robotnik
Finish in first place in the in the Radiant Emerald course.
Play As Same Character
Select multi-player mode, then highlight a character, hold [Change View] and press [Action].
Play As Super Sonic
Collect all seven chaos emeralds from the first four courses.
Radiant Emerald Course
Finish in first place on each normal course.
Skip Credits
Hold [Action] + [Accelerate] + [Change View] and press [Start].
View Demo
Press [Action] + [Accelerate] to view the demo, or bypass the Sega and "Traveler's Tales" screens.

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