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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, type "dipstick" to activate cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes:

Cheat Code Result
chojinGod mode
shootmeInvincible to bullets
burnmeInvincible to fire
gotoLevel select
goobersRestart level
cartierFull map
huntpackArmor, keys, heatseeker, split missile
\ekgUltraviolent mode
woofDog mode
\funZoom mode
boingElastic mode
whackOuch mode
johnwooDouble pistols
plugemMP40 gun
hottimesHeat seeker missile gun
boozeDrunken missile gun
bonesFlame wall gun
firebombFire bomb gun
seeyaKill all enemies
flyboyFlight mode
rideMissile-cam view
cujoToggle missile camera
splitSplit missile
boingBounce off everything
goarchJump to end of level
londonFog on
nodnolFog off
sixtoysKeys, armor, health
badtripMagic mushroom mode
speedAuto run
panicRestore yourself to normal
dimonLight diminishing on
dimoffLight diminishing off
lungdungGas mask
gota386No floor or ceiling textures
gota486Enable floor and ceiling textures
reenRe-enter level
whereDisplay coordinates
recordRecord a demo
stopStop recording a demo
playPlay a demo
shineonLights on
shineoffLights off
slackerAll keys
maestroGame jukebox
kesofdeathKinetic energy sphere

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