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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Enter] to display the console window and type "csmilton" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: This also maps the function keys to the important cheat functions.

Result Cheat Code
God modecsyhwh
All guns, ammo, powers, items, health, and essencecsstigmata
All gunscsguns
Have all essential itemscsitems
Armor set to 200csshroud
Health set to 200cshealth
All angelic powerscsrosary
Essence set to 200csessence
Stop timecshalt
View wireframe portalscsportal
Kill all creaturescsvanish
Flight modecshost
Quick reset from last savecsback
Enable AMD 3Dnow accelerationcs3dnow!on
Disable AMD 3Dnow accelerationcs3dnow!off
Wireframe level mapcswire
Advance to indicated start point; 1 is the first.csgo [number]
Advance to indicated coordinatescsgo [x,y,z coordinates]
Toggle enhanced speedcstourist
Add indicated objective to journalcsao [number]
Completes indicated objective in journalcseo [number]
Reset journalcsro
Remove inactive players after 120 seconds in multi-player modecsnotimeouts
Disable inactive player removal in multi-player modecstimeouts
Change game timer, with 100 being normalcstime [0-200]
Toggle auto-mapcsmapper
Toggle auto-map with indicated scalingcsmapper [.01-.99]
Hide auto-map; show map only, show map and entitiescsmapper[0-2]
Multi-player debug toolcsunsqueeze
Multi-player debug toolcssqueeze
Multi-player debug toolcsuntrace
Multi-player debug toolcstrace
Multi-player debug toolcsunframe
Multi-player debug toolcsframe2
Multi-player debug toolcsframe
Mouse cursor clipped to window in windowed modecsclipmouse
Display test message on HUDcsblah
Detailed explanation of weapons during game playcsverbose
Disable 3DNow! supportcs3dnow!off
Force 3DNow! supportcs3dnow!on
Start at indicated mapcsmap [map name]
Display debug information at the top of the screen-debug
Display multi-player game information-mpquery
Restore original key bindings-edkeys
Set viewing distance; 120 is normal-fov[number]
Toggle HUD text when HUD is in hide mode-camera
Toggle frame rate calculations-calcfps
View frame rate-showfps
Toggle running-run [0-1]
Toggle free look-look [0-1]
Toggle inverted mouse during free look-invert [0-1]
Toggle crosshair-xhair [0-1]
Toggle text display-text [0-1]
Toggle shadows-shadows [0-1]
Toggle hidden gun-hidegun [0-1]
Toggle sound effects-sfx [0-1]
Toggle foot steps-steps [0-1]
Display screen resolution-res [plus]
Adjust screen resolution-res [minus]
Set screen resolution-res [0-9]
Set mouse speed, 50.0 is normal-mouse [0.0-100.0]
Set screen brightness, 50.0 is normal-intensity [0.0-100.0]
Set ambient sound volume, 100.0 is normal-sound [0.0-100.0]
Set dialogue sound volume, 100.0 is normal-dialog [0.0-100.0]
Set music sound volume, 100.0 is normal-music [0.0-100.0]
Play indicated dialogue-adam
Play indicated dialogue-cory
Play indicated dialogue-greg
Play indicated dialogue-sean
Play indicated dialogue-little
Play indicated dialogue-kerry
Play indicated dialogue-daryl
Play indicated dialogue-owen
Play indicated dialogue-charlie
Play indicated dialogue-maynard
Play indicated dialogue-maarten
Play indicated dialogue-yujin
Play indicated dialogue-smudge
Play indicated dialogue-kee
Play indicated dialogue-sara
Play indicated dialogue-jackie
Play indicated dialogue-ryan
Play indicated dialogue-phil
Play indicated dialogue-fred
Play indicated dialogue-bryan
Play indicated dialogue-erik
Play indicated dialogue-jenna
Play indicated dialogue-mo
Play indicated dialogue-justin
Play indicated dialogue-evan
Play indicated dialogue-helmut
Play indicated dialogue-nicholas
Play indicated dialogue-cyclone
Play indicated dialogue-khoury
Play indicated dialogue-kudo

Note: Only available in the 3DFx version of the game.

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