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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, enter one of the following codes:

Result Cheat Code
All gunsrdguns
All inventory itemsrdinventory
All keysrdkeys
All keys, ammo, and healthrdall
All itemsrditems
Toggle debug moderddebug
Display coordinatesrdyerat
Toggle monstersrdmonsters
Toggle moonshine moderdmoonshine
Toggle clipping moderdclip
Toggle full maprdshowmap
Toggle all locksrdunlock
Change difficulty levelrdskill[skill number]
Level selectrdmeadow[episode number 1-2][map number 01-07]
Alternate level selectrdfuckngo[episode number 1-2][map number 01-07]
Display frameraterdrate
External viewrdview
Toggle invincibilityrdelvis or rdhounddog
Shoot feathersrdcluk
"Eat me!" messagerdbeta
"For your grandpa!" messagerdrafael
"Elvis is dead" messagerdhounddog
"You were all wrong" messagerdteachers
"Maxx rules" messagerdmaxx
Remove aiming feature on gunsrdtime

Note: After this code has been enabled, type 99 for bowling ball mode.

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