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Level Select
Press ~ to display the console, then type "map [level code]" using the following information to skip to the corresponding level:

NameLevel code
Outer Basebase1.bsp
Comm Centerbase3.bsp
Lost Stationtrain.bsp
Ammo Depotbunk1.bsp
Supply Stationware1.bsp
Main Gatejail1.bsp
Destination Centerjail2.bsp
Security Complexjail3.bsp
Torture Chambersjail4.bsp
Guard Housejail5.asp
Grid Controlsecurity.bsp
Mine Entrancemintro.asp
Upper Minesmine1.bsp
Drilling Areamine3.bsp
Lower Minesmine4.bsp
Receiving Centerfact1.bsp
Sudden Deathfact3.bsp
Processing Plantfact2.bsp
Power Plantpower1.bsp
The Reactorpower2.bsp
Cooling Facilitycool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dumpwaste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2waste3.bsp
Big Gunbiggun.bsp
Outer Hangarhangar1.bsp
Comm Satelitespace.bsp
Research Lablab.bsp
Inner Hangarhangar2.bsp
Launch Commandcommand.bsp
Outer Courtscity1.bsp
Lower Palacecity2.bsp
Upper Palacecity3.bsp
Inner Chamberboss1.bsp
Final Showdownboss2.bsp

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