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Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, a small logo will appear.
Note: The latest patch is required for some codes, such as the codes that are entered at the credits screen may only be enabled with the latest version patch.

Result Screen Cheat Code
Award a goal to the away teamDuring a gameawaygoal
Award a goal to the home teamDuring a gamehomegoal
Automatically check on contact with opposing playerDuring a gamecheck
Automatic stick hold on contact with opposing playerDuring a gamegrab
PowerplayDuring a gamepenalty
Zamboni moves on ice during gameDuring a gamezambo
Cause an injuryDuring a gameinjury
Camera flashes from crowdDuring a gameflash
Fireworks during gameDuring a gamevictory
Enable pre-game spotlightsDuring a gamespots
Entire team fightsDuring a gamebig fight
Bloody fightsDuring a gamebloody
Fast playersDuring a gamequickftr
Small playersDuring a gamenhlkids
Elongated arms, legs, and necksDuring a gamemantis
Big playersCreditsbuffed
Big goaliesCreditsgulliver
Big headsCreditsheadbone
Big rinkCreditsmassrink
High pitched commentaryCreditssqueaky
Low pitched commentaryCreditsbarrywhite
Fast gameCreditswarp9
Slow gameCreditsslomo
Dark arena with spotlightsCreditsnight
No gravity for puckCreditszerog

Note: Enable this code while your team has the puck to stop the other team and start a powerplay. Repeatedly enter the code to start an extended powerplay.

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