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Bonus Vehicles
Enter one of the following codes at the main menu screen:

Cheat Code VEHICLE
busSchool bus
armytruckArmy truck
semiSemi tractor
jeepyjJeep Wrangler
commancheJeep Commanche pickup
vwbugVW Beetle
vwfbVW Fastback
vanagonVW Vanagon
volvoVolvo station wagon
miataMadza Miata
quattroAudi Quattro
landcruiserToyota Landcruiser
snowtruckSnow plow
drive29Monolithic Studios Bus
drive31Citron 2CV
drive38Tyrannosaurus Rex
drive40Vendor Stand 1
drive41Vendor Stand 2
drive42Vendor Stand 3
drive44Wooden crate
drive45Monorail train
drive48Hovering sewage truck
drive49Snowy wooden box
drive50Snowy wooden box 2
Ford Indigo
At the main menu, type "red racer".
Monolithic Studios Bonus Track
At any screen, type "hollywood". This track winds through various exterior sets of a film studio.
Night Racing
While any track loads, hold "N" until the race begins.
Slippery Track
At any screen, type "slip".
Super Engine
At any screen, type "pioneer". A Pioneer engine with better acceleration in arcade mode and better acceleration and higher top speed in simulation mode will be available for all cars, including the hidden vehicles.

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